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Omega and Swatch are always full of surprises, but the new Snoopy MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase feels like it might be the climax of the MoonSwatch era. The two collaborators have milked everything they could out of this line, releasing a new limited-edition version nearly every month last year after dropping the original 11 models in 2022. The release of the Snoopy watch—which is still driving enough hype to shut down stores two years after the line’s initial release—makes 22 MoonSwatches in total. Human nature demands that we rank anything we can, so I’ve gone ahead and done that with every single MoonSwatch.

22. MoonSwatch Mission to Mercury

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The Mercury doesn’t bring the vibrancy and verve of the more colorful MoonSwatches, while also placing second in the Best Imitation of the OG Speedmaster competition.

21 – 16. MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold Swiss Lantern, Beaver Moon, Snowflake, Flower Moon, Harvest Moon, Pink Moon

I’m not a huge fan of the Mission to Moonshine watches as a concept. The MoonSwatches are supposed to be balls-to-the-wall fun, so adding a tiny gold-coated adornment to one feels like trying to class up a piece of American cheese (which is great!) with a single bead of caviar. Many of the designs, which generally appear only on the gold-coated hand, don’t hit for me either.

The Swiss Lantern is reminiscent of the Red Cross logo.

Image may contain Wristwatch Arm Body Part and Person

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