“MILELLEKEEYYYYYYYYY. Sorry I lost control of myself there.” —DS

“Sobbing thinking of riding shotgun in my bestie’s car in high school.” —AS

“Down the 405!!!  (But also what time? 4 am? How was there no traffic?)” —DS

“I feel so blessed to live in this timeline.” —AS

“This might be my fave thus far. But I’m a sucker for collabs—‘Let the Light In’ with Father John Misty was also my fav off Lana’s most recent album.” —DS, known Lanita

“This is my favorite. It feels like it’s about time passing by, or doing too things early in life, but having someone with you making all the difference whether its a partner or a friend (in my mind it’s giving best-friend anthem).” —Jenifer Calle, senior commerce editor

Track 17: “Levii’s Jeans” (feat. Post Malone)

“No I’m sorry I hate Post Malone on this…This is the worst part of the album.” —AS

“Yeah so far this is the weakest song on the album for me.” —CW

“Okay this is a vibe shift.” -DS

“Ew I can’t I’m sorry Post gives me the ick. This song is gonna be in a terrible rom-com.” —AS

“Post’s part sounds like the ‘back seat of your rover’ band? ‘Baby pull me closer in the back seat of your rover’ whatever they’re called. [Editor’s note: That would be The Chainsmokers].” —DS

“IDK this song is giving me Y2K vibes for some reason.” —JG

“I liked it. 😩😬” —Stephanie McNeal, senior editor

Track 18: “Flamenco”

“I think we are all recovering from the Post Malone jump scare.” —DS

Track 19: “The Linda Martell Show” (feat. Linda Martell)

“As usual Beyoncé is so strategic and genius in her references. For those who don’t know Linda was a trailblazer for Black female country artists.” —AM

“That’s how you know she’s a Virgo. She strategizes like no other.” —DS

“EVERYTHING is intentional. She’s shown us that time and time again through her career.” —AM

Track 20: “Ya Ya”

“My husband just walked in on me dancing to this.” —DS

“Referencing ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking’ and ‘Good Vibrations’—along with her cover of ‘Blackbird,’ Beyoncé is really bringing the ’60s back.” —AS

“‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ sample—yee-fucking-haw.” —SR

“This is also giving me Tina Turner.” —JG

“I think my dad will actually like this album.” —SR

“I texted my dad to listen!!! That’s so funny.” —CW

Cowboy Carter is for girls with That Dad.” —SR

“I’m scared to tell my dad to listen. I feel like he’ll implode. And also, keep buying larger and larger cowboy hats (it’s already an issue).” —DS

Track 21: “Oh Louisiana”

“All the ’60s nods throughout has to be intentional nod to Civil Rights Movement à la ‘Blackbird’’s early inclusion, Linda was the first Black woman to play the Grand Old Opry in 1969….” —AM

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