I’m glad someone is making proper audio equipment for those of us that prefer streaming. Vinyl nerds shouldn’t get all the love. I want to load up some Apple lossless audio or an old YouTube concert recording and stream my music. Bowers & Wilkins is the Hi-Fi brand that respects that.

The Zeppelin has it all. The shape is interesting, but it doesn’t scream for attention. The setup is ridiculously easy. And the price… well it’s expensive, but worth it. This is the last Hi-Fi speaker you’ll buy for a long, long time. Bowers & Wilkins is dedicated to updating the Zeppelin’s software and has no plans to phase this speaker out.

As for sound, it’s easily the best on this list. The other speakers will fill a room, but this is at the next level of performance. Two tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and one big ole six-inch subwoofer give you deep, rich, and clear sound. The angle of the speaker is such that it gives you a surround sound feel. And, it’s got Alexa built in.

This is, however, a speaker for music lovers only. The shape makes you think it should have a second life as a sound bar, but it doesn’t. To be fair, we like it that way. Spend more time listening to music, less time watching TV, and you’ll be a better person.

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