I rely on Dyson products to clean my floor, purify my air, and style my hair on the daily. I’ve tested every vacuum the brand has ever made—my current favorite is the V15 cordless model—and no one does it better. Like most loyal customers, I knew a Dyson robot vacuum was inevitable. As years went by and Roombas dominated the market, it felt like a long waiting game. But good things take time, right? Apparently so, because the the Dyson 360 Vis Nav is finally here. While it became available worldwide in late 2023, it just hit the U.S. market yesterday.

I wasn’t the only one anxiously awaiting this thing, because within hours the 360 Vis Nav sold out on Dyson.com. If you want to purchase it straight from the retailer, you can sign up for a restock email in early April. Or you can shop Jeff Bezos’s stockpile and buy it on Amazon, then have it cleaning your house in less than five business days.

Dyson Dyson 360 Vis Nav

Dyson 360 Vis Nav

Is it really worth the price tag, you’re wondering? Well, a perk of my job is that I get to test products before they hit the market. I have been using my 360 Vis Nav—we named it Hal on my Dyson app—for about a month.

Dyson touts the product as “the world’s most powerful robot vacuum, with two times the suction of any other robot vacuum.” So far I would have to agree. To start, the technology is so much more advanced than its competitors’—guess that’s why it took so long to be engineered to pure perfection. It sucks up dust particles in every corner under my bed and dresser, even in the tightest spots. The suction is comparable to that of its powerful cordless vacuums (the company aimed for this), and emptying the barrel is incredibly easy.

What’s really impressive, though, is the mapping and maneuvering. This thing goes from hardwood to tile, and to all the textures of my many rugs, without a single hiccup. It seamlessly glides around my kitchen chairs’ legs and even over a metal base on a bench I have. Like any proud parent, I find it so impressive, I’ll look away from the TV just to watch Hal achieve a terrain transfer.

Simply program it via the app and you’re done—you now have a new cleaning BFF to rely on. Though it almost pains me to type these words…my cordless vacuum just became less of a necessity to me. But only Dyson can do the job of replacing itself. This is the next investment piece I’ll be recommending to everyone I know.

Dyson Dyson 360 Vis Nav

Dyson 360 Vis Nav

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