Willem Dafoe is one of the most unequivocally stylish men in Hollywood. The man has been known to wear head-to-toe Prada (he’s a longtime brand ambassador), looks at home in a Dior Homme turtleneck and, if you stop him on the street for an impromptu fit check, chances are he’ll be wearing so many designer labels he even doesn’t remember them all.

And his sense of style has always shone on screen, too. In David Lynch’s Wild At Heart (1990), where he’s in full villain creep mode, he shows up with slicked-back hair, cowboy shirt and suede tassel jacket. In Uli Edel’s erotic thriller Body of Evidence (1993), he and Madonna go full 1990s corpcore in pinstripe and wide ties. In Patricia Arquette’s Gonzo Girl (2023), he rocks a duck yellow bucket hat, tinted aviators and a Hawaiian-style shirt covered in hot air balloons. And now, in first look images of Yorgos Lanthimos’ upcoming three-part anthology film Kinds of Kindness, the drip king is back. He’s wearing a burnt orange knit roll beck, a dusty pink, 1980s-style shell coat, lavender trousers and socks and sandals (socks and sandals!). The fit is crazy. It goes hard. It shouldn’t work, but it does. This is Willem Dafoe, after all.

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Atsushi Nishijima

Dafoe isn’t the only one in Kinds of Kindness in a crazy fit. In the trailer, Emma Stone can be seen in a full brown suit, cream silk shirt and little sandals. Jesse Plemons shows up in a number of roll necks, and an oversized beige suit with a high-waisted brown belt. Joe Alwyn wears a backwards denim cap. Hunter Schafer dons a peach cashmere sweater. Hong Chau wears a sort of papery sky blue kimono. But the most genuinely unhinged style moment comes from Dafoe himself. If you watch the trailer, around the 0.12 mark, you can see the 68-year-old actor in the same dusty pink shell coat as above, paired with tiny orange swim pants by the pool. He’s so baby girl.

Other than the fact Kinds of Kindness is a “triptych fable”—which means it’s separated into three stories—we don’t know much about the film itself. The trailer gives nothing away. It looks like a no-plot, all-vibes affair, sprinkled with an array of immaculate fits.

And if you want Dafoe’s Kinds of Kindness drip for yourself? There are a million and one pink shell jackets on Depop, Acne Studios does their own twist on the 1980s athleisurewear purple trouser and burnt brick-colored roll necks—like this one from Superdry—are relatively easy to find online. As for the socks and sandals? Just go to your local pharmacy for the former and then raid your dad’s closet for the latter.

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title ‘Why does Willem Dafoe’s Kinds of Kindness fit go so hard?’

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