Your weekly horoscope is here. Venus moseys on into the sign of Taurus from Monday, desire, love, and beauty align with sensuality and practicality, form and function. Invest in quality and long-term, whether that’s a bae or an artisanal sourdough! Mars, the planet of action and energy, is rapid-fire assertive, bee-lining for a single-pointed goal, so that’s your memo to follow through too. Go slow and appreciate the gifts of life and draw a line from where you are now to where you want to be, then take the most direct approach. You can do both this month.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of April 28 through May 4, 2024.


On Monday, Venus, the planet representing love, beauty, aesthetics, (and money) moves out of your sign and into its home sign of Taurus. Gracing your sphere of resources and values suggests value coming your way. Is it time to put up your prices, invest, or make a special acquisition? Enjoy your things, Aries; love them and appreciate how they enhance your life. If they retain value in the long term, even better. Keep on trucking, Aries; Mars, your ruling planet, heads into your sign on Tuesday. Through June 9, you’re in full-throttle super Shero mode, so focus your energy on a goal. Find an outlet for excess fire, and I’ll say this again this week: don’t be drawn into needless dust-ups. This is the most yang of all astrological combinations, so flex like you mean it and reap the rewards of taking action.

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As your ruling planet Venus is in your sign, we call it your ‘Venus return.’ She’s potent as she’s most able to do what Taurus does better than most: appreciate using your finely tuned senses. Find yourself a wooded glade or a pretty corner of your local park and throw out the picnic blanket. Spring is here, and it’s your time to shine. Indulge in some of your favorite things and enjoy. You’re at your most charming and alluring as the Goddess alights, so go with the glow-up. It’s a great time to update your headshots, commission a portrait, or otherwise invest in your presentation as well as your outlook. Mars, the planet of energy, moves into your sphere of Zen and mysticism, so take an active approach and try tai chi or something more challenging. Walking in nature to ‘lose’ your everyday concerns for that period is beneficial now; head out for a hike!

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