Those looking to get their hands on the collection can do an early sign-up over on the official BoohooMAN website. Last week, billboards for P by Gunna began popping up in New York City following the release of the rapper’s new album, One of Wun

Gunna then confirmed he would be releasing a clothing line by activating the brand’s official Instagram page. Not much else is known about the brand besides the logo featuring a star-inspired P and the apparel, including an assortment of racing jackets, baggy bottoms, and more. There are also 1993 logos, in honor of the year Gunna was born.

“Today I got on the P-Star jacket designed by me,” the rapper said in one of the videos shared on the P by Gunna Instagram page. “I got a collection coming out…you could say this is my brand. This is my creation.”

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