Your weekly horoscope is here. As we approach the final stretch of Aries season, maximize your momentum because Aries energy, marking the beginning of Spring, is geared to start fast and move faster. Kicking off on Friday, Taurus season balances by slowing down, stabilizing, and securing. Mid-spring marks a time of abundance and embracing nature. Treat your body like a divine temple by offering it quality aromatics, good food, love, and sensuality to thrive during Taurus season! One of 2024’s biggest cosmic events aligns on Saturday as Jupiter (expansion) merges with Uranus (sudden radical change), both in the sign of the earthy sensualist. This could be your magic beanstalk moment, so what you plant now could grow rapidly and substantially! Focus your mind, emotions, and actions on positivity and invite only the best. Stay constructive over the next two weeks because you are sowing seeds for your future!

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of April 14 through April 20, 2024.


It’s been a blast with so much focus on your energetic and passionate sign, so enjoy the last few days of your season, and happy birthday if you were born toward the end of Aries season. Venus is still in Aries, as is Mercury (in retrograde), so your glow-up has a few more chapters left! Go for that makeover, charm that cutie, or raise your prices. This is especially true as Taurus season begins on Friday, illuminating your material-girl sector of resources, finances, and possessions. The very next day, a cosmic connection between the planet of abundance and the planet of radical change suggests an unexpected surprise in this sphere, so spontaneous spending should be on an asset or investment over the long haul. An influx of cash, bonus, or pay raise is up for grabs, so think big as you plan and manifest this month.

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Happy birthday, Taurus! Your season officially begins this Friday as the sun lights up your sign over the next month. You may be the hedonist of the zodiac, but you’re also the humble, hardworking gardener. Cultivate what you want to grow because Saturday is a peak moment of fortune as Jupiter and Uranus merge in your sign. Radical change and perhaps a little destabilization go a long way toward liberation. Consider how you want to be free, what you want to be free of, and where you want more space and abundance. Where are you willing to go all-in and on what? Play for keeps and always remember the adage, “be careful what you wish for,” because under these skies, dear Taurus, you may very well get it! Here’s to self-actualizing your very best self and life.

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