Walk the streets of a big city on a rainy day, and you’ll notice that every trash can becomes an umbrella graveyard. For better or worse, most people don’t think about stocking up on an umbrella until the weather turns, and the consequences resemble…a drowned rat. If you want one of the best umbrellas, it’s important to stock up before the severe weather hits. These umbrellas can stand up to gusts of wind and torrential downpours; some can even shade you from the sun with UPF protection if that’s your vibe. So, to keep you dry while other pedestrians and piña colada sippers get caught in the rain, we put the internet’s most popular umbrellas to the test. We found seven that won’t just keep you dry but will surely keep your perfectly coiffed hair in fine form and your leather jacket free from water stains.

We also have good news: Umbrellas are already as good as they’re gonna get. We’ve been reviewing products long enough to remember the ill-advised attempt to make “smart umbrellas” a thing, but barring sci-fi-style innovations in rain avoidance, we have achieved peak umbrella. It’s the 21st century. We have the technology. All of the umbrellas we picked are engineered to last for years to come—or, at least, until someone inevitably nicks yours out of the coffee shop umbrella holder because we live in a society with no shame whatsoever. Here, a rain repeller for every situation, from compact travel umbrellas you can slip into your favorite tote bag to regal cane umbrellas for acting out a Singin’ in the Rain homage.

The Best Umbrellas: at a Glance

Except for the G4 Golf Umbrella, all of the umbrellas in this guide were tested by a member of the GQ team. The weather gods obliged us, and we were able to try them out during severe wind advisories.

The Best Umbrella Overall: Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

If all that stands between you and the rain is this umbrella, it may well be the best $30 you ever spend. It’s arguably the most popular umbrella on the internet, and we can personally verify that it gets the job done. Its one-button auto open and close is great for not having to fumble around as you step in or out the door, and a durable Teflon coating lets rain slick off like it’s a non-stick pan. The interior of the umbrella has nine reinforced fiberglass ribs, which is more than the standard six or eight, and while those extra ribs add some bulk, they also help avoid those annoying flips when the wind blows. Personally, we can’t resist the cloud-print version of this umbrella, but classic black, navy, gray, and other colors are available, too.

It’s hard to believe this umbrella only costs $30, but it’s not quite perfect. As a travel umbrella, it’s not as compact as the Davek Mini, but that’s the price you pay for added ribs. We also found that the auto open/close takes some finagling when it’s time to close. While it’s not the most windproof umbrella on this list (inversions are possible in extreme wind), its low price and portability make this the best umbrella for most people and one that will last a long time. For folks worried about wind over portability, opt for one of the stick umbrellas below.

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