Unless we’re looking at a well-disguised wig, it appears that hairstylist Chris Appleton has opted to leave in Kardashian’s dark roots, starting the bleaching process about a quarter-inch or so away from her scalp. “Back to blonde,” Appleton captioned a video of Kardashian on TikTok along with an ice emoji.

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While some of Appleton’s followers begged the stylist to “let her hair have a break” or debated if Kardashian was wearing a wig, others saw the transformation as the first sign that it’s well and truly “Met Gala time.” Of course, most of the comments were not about her hair at all, but just an influx of Taylor Swift-related jabs based on Swift’s alleged new diss track, “thanK you aIMee.” As one commenter noted, it’s “a rough time to be named Aimee y’all.”

Luckily for Kim Kardashian, it doesn’t look like she’ll be running into Taylor Swift at this year’s Met Gala, at least according to one TMZ report that claims the pop star and her NFL boyfriend RSVP’d “no” to the event. While Kim may not care either way, she recently shared an old pic with Swift’s ex-bestie Karlie Kloss on her Instagram Story, which some fans took as Kardashian’s subtle way of stoking the fire. But hey, perhaps they’re both just excited to look camp straight in the eye when they reunite next week.

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