T-shirts are a dime a dozen and as someone who owns almost two dimes’ worth of plain tees, I’ve had plenty of experience with the genre. So much so that I’ve come to a simple conclusion: The perfect T-shirt doesn’t really exist. As pessimistic as that sounds (it isn’t), I’ve experienced some really good T-shirts and, on rare occasions, a really great T-shirt, one of which is the Proof 72-Hour merino tee. Now this shirt isn’t like the 20-some-odd options in my closet. It’s made entirely of a super silky, lightweight merino wool instead of the usual cotton. It’s super comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking, even in the warmer months. Aside from it’s cooling factors, it’s a pretty baller option to wear as a regular tee, you know, for style. The TL;DR? It’s the only T-shirt you need to bring on a three-day weekend trip like the name implies.

But $88 for a single T-shirt is a splurge even if you really do wear it three days a week. If only there were some way to get that steep price a little closer to earth. Well, lucky for you, we just so happen to know a little secret, or a retail hack, if you will—kinda like that one friend who knew all the cheat codes for every video game. All you have to do is enter the code “MERINO30” at checkout over at Huckberry and you’ll instantly get 30% off the original price which brings each T-shirt down to about $62. While that’s still a beefier price to stomach compared to your good ol’ fashioned multipack cotton tees, Proof’s silky merino wool fabric, construction, and fit make it a bargain, especially if you take the 72-hour claim to task. As far as we can tell, there’s no end date to this cheat code, but we also wouldn’t wait around to find out.

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