Update 1/26/24:

Breaking news, Swatch MoonSwatch fans: As GQ reported earlier this week, Omega and Swatch are adding a third party to the mix—a certain widely-beloved beagle with a penchant for howling at the moon. As of now, details are scarce on what the delightfully-dubbed MoonSnoopy will actually look like, but expect collectors of every stripe to go typically nuts for it. Like many of its counterparts in Japan, London, and, more recently, Cupertino, Omega has a long history with Charles Schulz’s cartoon pup, which lends the surprise tie-up a specific type of logic.

Snoopy-themed Speedys “rank among the most popular Omega releases around,” GQ contributor Oren Hartov writes, “continually selling out despite their lofty retail prices and often going for big money on the secondary market.” His suggestion? Start lining up now: the mere prospect of a MoonSwatch x Snoopy mashup is enough to work the watch world into a tizzy.

If you don’t live in any of the cities that stock the MoonSwatch, you can still shop previous models of the limited-edition collab on eBay, StockX, or Chrono24.

Update 7/17/23:

If you’ve been searching high and low for a Swatch MoonSwatch, you might be in luck. Thanks to some in-depth research (calling nearly every MoonSwatch stockist in America) from GQ’s own Cam Wolf, you can finally (probably) find the coveted limited edition watch in select retail stores right now. Despite its high demand, the MoonSwatch is still stocked in a few places. Currently, there are 16 stores in America, including four in New York City, that are sitting on product. The quantity may be low, but if you’ve been aiming to upgrade your wristwear, the time is now! 

Update 4/7/23: Lightening strikes twice on the Swatch MoonSwatch. After its initial launch last month, the limited-edition “Mission to Moonshine” collaboration is back with an even wider release adding 14 new in-store locations. Launching April 6, the Moonshine Gold model, which retails for $285, is now available in major cities around the globe including New York, Toronto, Madrid, Berlin, Seoul, Sydney, Rome and others. Like previous releases, this collab won’t be available online.

Update 3/7/23: The Swatch MoonSwatch is officially back. Yesterday morning, Omega and Swatch announced a newer, fancier version of their smash-hit collaboration, the limited-edition “Mission to Moonshine”, which updates the steel gray “Mission To The Moon” with a second hand coated in sleek gold alloy.

Like previous models, the latest MoonSwatch won’t be available online, and its release is limited to London, Milan, Zürich, and Tokyo. It’ll cost you roughly $285 at retail, but good luck getting your hands on it.

This has been a banner year for watch collabs, from TAG Heuer x Porsche to Timex x Adsum to Hodinkee x Bamford x Snoopy, among many others. While some of these were a long time coming, others caught the global watch scene by surprise. None, however, caused as much excitement as the Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch, a first-of-its-kind partnership between two of the biggest names in watchmaking. The collection included 11 colorful variants of Swatch’s take on the NASA-approved Omega Speedmaster, each one dedicated to a different celestial body. Priced at $260 (some $6,000 less than Omega’s famed “Moonwatch”) and only available in-person at select Swatch boutiques, the collab attracted thousands of watch collectors and gray market flippers who lined up—sometimes days in advance—to cop one. Then things got a little wild. Shops were overwhelmed by the demand, riot police were called, and at least one guy got mugged for his spot in line at knifepoint.

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