Does snow make you want to get cozy and take a well-deserved afternoon siesta? Well, in related news, we dug up a massive deal on the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow (not a meteorological event, but still a force of nature as far as bedding markdowns go) that might make you want to plop your weary head down immediately. It’s part of the first wave of President’s Day mattress sales that are hitting way ahead of the holiday, with Casper and Amazon clearing the competition with a half-off (technically 49%, but who’s counting?) discount on the medium-firm, maximum-comfy mattress. Though we haven’t had the pleasure of testing it ourselves, here are all of its many bona fides:

As one of the brand’s most advanced models, the Hybrid Snow not only combines innersprings with comfy memory foam, but also garnishes them with oodles of cooling gel into one ergonomic, pressure-relieving sandwich. Every type of sleep technology that Casper currently offers is present in this medium-firm mattress, which is why it normally retails for over $3,500. We’ve seen it on sale before, but never 50% off cheap. And though the model prioritizes cooling technology over warm, swaddling fabrics for winter, it’s still a keeper year-round for temperature regulation. Amazon is even undercutting the price on Casper’s own website by $700, which seems like a typo (but definitely isn’t).

As we head into the snowy weekend ahead, we’ve found even more hibernation-friendly deals on bedding, puffer jackets, plus a great deal on the now discontinued Apple Watch Ultra 2 (that’s still blessed with the banned blood oxygen sensor). Go ahead, and tuck yourself in with all of this week’s best lifestyle deals, below.

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