Tested and Reviewed by Adam Hurly

Tested and Reviewed by Adam Hurly

The Best Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men: Duradry AM Deodorant & Antiperspirant


AM Deodorant & Antiperspirant

The doctor says: I asked dermatologist Heather Rogers (of Doctor Rogers Skincare) for a pick here, knowing that she’s quicker to endorse regular deodorant over antiperspirant. (While studies remain inconclusive about aluminum use in antiperspirants, many remain skeptical about the ingredient absorbing into the body and potentially irritating skin.) However, anyone who is supremely sweaty might also choose their battles and opt into daily comfort over potential (and uncertain) long-term risks. So, what would a reticent doctor with the highest defenses choose for her super-sweaty patients?

First, Rogers notes that of all the different aluminum formulas you can find in antiperspirants, people with clinical needs will want to seek out one of the following: aluminum chloride (“Highly effective at reducing sweat production, but it commonly causes irritation of the skin.”) or aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine (“A newer generation of aluminum compounds that is thought to provide effective sweat control with less potential for skin irritation.”). And so that leads us to her pick: Duradry’s formula calls on that probably-less-risky ingredient of the two primary options, while remaining strong enough for anyone suffering from hyperhidrosis.

The Best Deodorant for Sensitive Skin: Geologie Natural Deodorant

Our experience: My partner has much more sensitive skin than I do, and this is his go-to deo stick for many reasons. For one, its baking soda-free formula is agreeable with sensitivities, plus it is chock full of soothing ingredients that act like a hybrid deodorant-moisturizer. It plays tough in the anti-odor game, too: the probiotic formula steadily trains skin to produce less odor each day, and he has yet to notice the slightest funk after a long day’s work + workout combo.

Tested and Reviewed by Adam Hurly

Tested and Reviewed by Adam Hurly

The Best Drugstore Deodorant for Men: Axe 48-Hour Deodorant

Our experience: A proliferation of deodorant brands has stolen the spotlight from staple brands like Axe. But don’t underestimate a synthetic recipe: There’s some significant staying power in this deodorant stick, and how nice that it doesn’t cost you a cool $20 just to keep your B.O. restrained?

And I have to call out this specific scent, Cool Ocean, for its choice to be supremely subtle—meaning you won’t smell like the deodorant itself. Hey, I’ll admit, one hangup I have with some of these everyday drugstore brands is how recognizable their scents are; I don’t want people to know what deodorant I’m wearing. I want them to know that I don’t stink, and that I instead smell like my go-to cologne. Anyway, good work here, Axe. I haven’t forgotten you, all these years later!

The Best Deodorant Wipes for Men: Hiki Body Wipes

Our experience: These refreshing (and biodegradable!) towelettes have saved me more times than I can count. I tote two or three in my “personal item” bag on the airplane, and they’re especially refreshing on those long-haul flights if you can sneak into the bathroom for a quick wipedown. (A makeshift shower, let’s call it.) I also like to take them to the gym, which is close enough to home that I never shower there—but sometimes I also like to run a quick errand between the workout and shower, so I want a solution like these wipes to prevent me from offending anyone at the grocery store. (And to just feel more clean in my own skin—do I need a greater reason than that?)

The Best Probiotic Deodorant for Men: Hume Supernatural Deodorant

Our experience: In different iterations of this roundup, Hume’s deodorant is much higher on this list (keep in mind, this roster isn’t in any order, aside from my #1 pick being at the top). But this one comes close to winning multiple categories (Best Natural Mens Deodorant, Best Baking Soda-Free Deodorant, Best Natural Alternative to Antiperspirants, etc). And in particular, I think this unscented option is perhaps the best fragrance-free deodorant in the biz, too. But all of the brand’s excellent sticks go on clean, persist into the next day, and most importantly, keep your pits supremely dry and funk-free, with a very short window of adjustment needed (if you’re transitioning away from synthetics to naturals).

The Best Baking Soda Deodorant for Men: Native Charcoal Deodorant

Our experience: Baking soda deodorants are a terrific choice for anyone who insists on a natural odor solution, but a polarizing choice too: The highly alkaline ingredient can leave some sensitive skin irritated, which emphasizes the importance of finding a baking soda-packed deodorant that is carefully balanced for the most sensitive among us. Native has made a huge name for itself in the deo world (to the tune of a $100 million acquisition by Procter and Gamble), and this stick is my absolute favorite in the brand’s roster. It’s not because of the baking soda, though: I love it for the charcoal, which works with magnesium to absorb excess moisture in the pits, and to prevent a buildup of odorous bacteria. And then the baking soda handles anything that does proliferate from there. This one prioritizes balance, too, hence its use of nourishing base ingredients (shea oil and coconut oil), and I have yet to meet any naysayers, despite a frequent endorsement of this one to friends and family.

How We Tested

GQ writers on the grooming beat are sent just about every product on the market, but we don’t crown winners lightly while. Instead, we wait to see which ones outlast the others in the long haul—which products are the ones we use over and over, despite the mounting pile of replacements on the way?

This ode to deos is a testament to years and years of that process. We didn’t just set a bunch of deodorants out for three or four unacquainted people to test for a couple weeks; these are the products I’ve loved most in the past decade (along with insight from my resident guinea pig, my partner, who enjoys the perks of my gig). In the instances where I’m unable to speak to a category of products (like the best deodorant for clinical-grade sweating or extra-strength odor protection), I kick it over to the doctors I trust best, since they’re basically prescribing these solutions on a daily basis.

Read more about our testing process here.

What to Look for in Deodorant, According to Dermatologists

Here is some dermatologist advice on deodorants—the best ingredients to look for, plus some controversial ones, too—with insights from board-certified dermatologists Kiran Mian, Ryan B. Turner, and Heather Rogers.

The Ingredients

The primary cause of body odor is “bad” bacteria pairing up with sweat. There are two ways to prevent the stink: Reduce perspiration in the area, and/or create an inhospitable environment for the bacteria.

For Bacteria Control

These are the most common ingredients to seek out if you want to temper the proliferation of bacteria in your pits (and anywhere you’re particularly pungent).

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