For so many crazed football fans, the first round of the NFL Draft is akin to Christmas morning (at night). Finding out which player will slot into your team’s starting lineup can be a wildly exciting experience, and so can seeing what they wear on the red carpet. You can, after all, learn a lot about a person by what they wear for a big day—and this year’s first-round draft class had some bangers. This bodes well for people whose Sundays will revolve around these young men for years to come.

This year’s draft was all about offense, with each of the first 14 picks coming on that side of the ball. As usual, we saw some interesting trades, a few indications that teams are really going for it, and at least one pick that left everyone a bit perplexed (check in on the Falcon fans in your life). A few other takeaways and questions: The league will be in good shape if, finally, at long last, Chicago and DC have their cornerstone QBs. And after a miniature flop era, are the Patriots ready to be a contender again with Drake Maye under center? Only time will decide the winners and losers of the 2024 draft. But as usual, when Roger Goodell dapped up the league’s rookie class, he came face to face with some gargantuan fits.

With swag lords Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels going at the very top of the draft, the evening kicked off with some fire outfits. But the bottom of the first round had some gorgeous looks as well. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites here, and you can check out the GQ Sports Instagram to see and hear red carpet reports from the draftees themselves.

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