Looking for the best wedding bands for men? Mazels—and brace yourself for a heckuva ride. Finding the right wedding band, for yourself or your soon-to-be spouse, seems like it should be easy; you probably know this person pretty well by now. But, like planning a wedding itself, hunting down the ring of your dreams can be deceptively tricky. Maybe you’ve recently learned that your Prince Charming dreams of nothing more than an extremely big, bold ring to subvert all the minimal-leaning clothes in his closet. Or, while doing some very important internal reflection, you realized you actually kind of want a classic wedding band—but nothing too stuffy.

The Best Wedding Bands for Men Shopping Guide

Whatever vibe you’re after, we’ve got you covered. The beauty of buying a wedding ring in 2024 is that it can come from anywhere and look like anything; it can come wrapped up in a little blue box, it can come from your favorite indie jeweler, it can come in a 12-pack you ordered purely for the express shipping. (Heck, it can even be totally nonexistent, though if you’re planning to go sans ring you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now.) All that’s to say, there’s a dizzying array of options out there—and more options, as anyone dealing with a wedding caterer well knows, just means more anxiety.

So to help make your imminent union as stress-free as possible, we cherry-picked the best wedding bands for men, and slotted them into four no-frills categories you should familiarize yourself with before the big day. Figuring out your fiancé was the one might’ve taken years, but finding your ride-or-die ring should only take minutes.

Take me to: The Modern Classics | The New Wave Alternatives | The Eco-Conscious Gems | The Cheap (but Not Cheap-Looking) Replacements

The Modern Classics

Sleek, simple, and always in style, these are the bands you probably saw your parents exchange when they forced you to watch their wedding video as a kid. They’re still crafted from warm gold or cool silver, but much like the department store your folks bought theirs from, the genre has undergone a bit of transformation lately. Today, you can choose from any number of no-frills circular bands, but you can also opt for a luxe modular silhouette or a jewel-inset version that’s left intentionally open-ended. (Don’t read too much into the symbology there.) The best part of taking the more traditional route is the chance to re-examine—and possibly re-define—what tradition looks like to you in the first place.

Le Gramme

9g Ribbon Diamond & 18kt Gold Ring

The New Wave Alternatives

If the idea of wearing a wedding band didn’t cross your mind until this very moment—maybe you never imagined yourself as the settling down type, or just disliked the idea of wearing a single piece of jewelry for the rest of your life—relax: in 2024, any ring can be a wedding ring if you dig it enough (and your partner’s cool with it). If you’re newly pro-band and want something with a little more funk than the usual options, there’s an onslaught of extremely wavy rings—some stacked to the brim with colorful, eye-grabbing gems—waiting for you to slip them on.

Emanuele Bicocchi

Large Arabesque Band Ring

The Eco-Conscious Gems

If your relationship to Mother Earth ranks only slightly below your relationship to your significant other, your wedding band should reflect your values. So before you spend a couple months’ salary on a ring, you’re going to want to assess its materials (and where they were sourced). Maybe your future spouse strictly opposes buying newly-minted precious jewels, or maybe you just can’t see yourself springing for a natural diamond with a clear conscience. Whatever factors are compelling you to put the planet first (or, at least, at a close second), there’s no shortage of eco-conscious, ethically-made, and—yes—incredibly fly bands to choose from.


The Star Gazer 24kt gold-plated silver ring

The Cheap (but Not Cheap-Looking) Replacements

Sometimes you need to take your wedding band off—to go to the gym, to get an MRI—and sometimes you end up forgetting where you put it down. Best case scenario, it fell to the floor, and after a few minutes of frantically scanning the ground with your phone’s flashlight, it’s back on your finger before anyone notices. The worst case scenario, though—the one that leaves you in dire need of a replacement, pronto—can be a crushing emotional and financial hit. There is, however, a third option: If you’re the forgetful type, you could swing over to Amazon and order yourself a 4-pack of extremely affordable silicone rings that’ll look the part for pennies on the dollar. Is the Bezos-backed superstore the first place we’d check for a top-notch wedding ring? No. But if you’re already down a band or two (in every sense of the word), it might behoove you to save yourself the headache going forward.


Stainless Steel Rings (3-Pack)


Silicone Wedding Ring (2-Pack)


Tungsten Wedding Band Ring

Your Wedding Ring FAQs, Answered

What are the most popular wedding band styles?

When it comes to wedding bands, silver is an increasingly popular option, says Bernard James, the Brooklyn-based jeweler behind the eponymous GQ-favorite brand—but gold still reigns supreme. James has also noticed customers gravitating towards traditional silhouettes for the big day, but customizing their rings to make the them feel extra special. “There’s something so clean about a classic, semi-round band,” he says. “However, I see a lot of men eager to really spice things up with their main band, or even [buy] a second, more designed band for special occasions. This special touch can come in the form of adding a few stones or playing with the shape altogether.” In other words: If you’re a style-pilled person who sees an opportunity to flex, seize it.

How do I make sure mine fits properly?

You can order a ring sizer online, but it’s always best to visit your local jeweler IRL—especially if you want to get it right the first time. If you can’t make it to the boutique, James says a sizer will do the trick, just be sure to keep in mind that your fingers swell throughout the day depending on the temperature and (gulp) your diet. “Give yourself some room for any fluctuations, but not too much room, because you don’t want it to slip off easily,” says James. “Don’t be afraid to ask for 1/4 or 1/2 sizes—it can make a world of difference!”

How do I keep this darn thing clean?

Much like your soon-to-be-spouse, your wedding ring is supposed to be a keeper—in theory, at least. So how do you ensure it looks pristine through many happy, sun-dappled decades of pure marital bliss? Most solid gold rings can be cleaned the easy way: by washing your hands or wearing them in the shower, James says. (If that feels uncomfortable—or for the real clean freaks—he recommends looking into an ultrasonic cleaner.) But if your ring is so grimy it looks like you unearthed it on your honeymoon to the Acropolis, or you just don’t trust yourself to clean it at home, take it to the pros. Your local jeweler will be able to work its way into all the nooks and crannies you can’t reach with good ol’ soap and water.

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