We dig a splashy gold chain as much as the next guy—assuming the next guy isn’t, uh, Rick Ross—but the best silver chains for men are in a league of their own. Gold is rich, regal. It smacks of power, and in the wrong hands, unbridled excess. (Exhibit A.) Silver is sleek and unassuming. It can be coolly industrial or high-key sexy, but in a less try-hard way. (Exhibit B.) Which is exactly why the plain Jane silver chain is essential to elite-level accessorizing—especially if you’re a relative jewelry newb and a zany, candy-colored pearl choker feels like a stretch.

The Best Silver Chains Shopping Guide

Luckily, with 2024 in full swing there’s never been a better time to mix up your jewelry rotation. They say you finish how you start, so if you’re betting on this year being your best one yet, you’ll want to come correct. To help you level-up your clavicle like an expert, we unearthed 16 of the best silver chains for men on the market right now, from big, bold curb links to barely-there paperclip chains.

Whiffed on the gift front this Valentine’s Day? Now’s your chance to apologize in high style before you find yourself binge-watching Dear John and sniffling into a jumbo-sized tub of Häagen-Dazs. Looking to put yourself back out there this year? There’s no better way to remind the world—and any potential suitors—how sterling your taste is. Just ask Paul Mescal: these necklaces are made for thirst trappin’.

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The Sleekest Paperclip Chains

Not sure where to start your Jewelry Guy journey? Don’t overthink it: a silver paperclip chain will call attention to your clavicles without eliciting “get a load of this fella” comments. The right one should be discreet enough to tuck beneath a crisp button-up at the office, but still look killer when you swap the trousers and loafers for kicky boots and faded jeans. If your style errs on the minimal side, go slim and long; if you’re a seasoned jewelry vet with a vault’s worth of necklaces to choose from, try a thick choker instead.


Knuckle Heavy Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

Monica Vinader

Mini Paper Clip Chain Necklace

All Blues

Hook Sterling-Silver Necklace

The Beefiest Curb Chains

Pull up your favorite music video from the ‘90s, and you’ll notice one things: every single person is wearing a necklace like this. Where the paperclip chain skews subtle and dainty, the curb chain is brash and in-your-face, shot through with a jolt of lead-singer braggadocio. Curb chains have slimmed down a bit since their heyday (Ozempic is endemic in Hollywood), but they haven’t lost an ounce of their glitzy luster. Reach for one of these when you need jewelry with little more heft—but don’t want to go full Mr. T.

The Dangliest Pendant Chains

Pendant necklaces are like accessories for your accessories, in that they make what you’re already wearing (a sick silver chain) look exponentially cooler. Anyone who’s ever caught a re-run of M*A*S*H in the wee hours of the morning knows dog tags are badass, but these days, there’s no shortage of alternatives with a little less machismo—and a lot more swagger. The pendant chain’s beauty is in its versatility: go big, small, diamond-encrusted, custom-engraved—or slip the dangly part right off when your necklace doesn’t need the extra support.

Hatton Labs

CS Emerald Pendant Necklace

The Freakiest Wild-Style Chains

Sometimes, occasion (and the Draconian dress codes that tend to inform it) requires toning down the personality a smidge to avoid making a scene at your cousin’s quinceañera. And sometimes, occasion requires nothing but pulling up in the gutsiest display of right-now menswear in the room. When an invite to the latter type of event hits your inbox, carpe the opportunity to flex. And if for you, that occasion is just a regular old Tuesday, these wild-style silver chain—dripping in leathers, crystals, and, above all else, unbridled coolness—will take your already sterling jewelry collection to soaring new heights.


Maga Circe Sterling Silver Stone Necklace

Futaba Hayashi

Nail Through The Heart Necklace

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