Pros: Rotating beads in neck for “rimming” sensation at anal opening; seven rotation and vibration patterns with six intensity levels; wireless remote included
Cons: Splash-proof (not waterproof); can’t be used with silicone-based lubes; no curve to target the prostate; may be too large for some users to enjoy; short battery life; remote uses disposable batteries

The Best Long-Distance Sex Toy: Lovense Osci 2

Materials: Silicone and ABS plastic
Battery Life: 5 hours
How to Use: Press and hold power button for three to five seconds to turn the toy on or off. Apply water-based lubricant to the toy before inserting it vaginally. Control the oscillation intensity with the button on the toy or by connecting it to the Lovense app.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship or just want to mix things up with your partner from the next room, a long-distance sex toy can go a long way. Using Bluetooth, one partner can control the toy from an app thousands of miles away. The Lovense Osci 2 has a curved design developed to hit the G-spot. Once it’s in place, it rapidly oscillates back and forth to (hopefully) create a body-shaking orgasm.

Pros: Curved to target the G-spot; oscillations feel deeper and more pinpointed than vibrations; Bluetooth-controllable; can be used long-distance; waterproof; long battery life
Cons: Can’t be used with silicone-based lubes; not anal-safe

The Best Handcuffs: Upko


Personalized Leather Handcuffs

Materials: Leather and 24-carat gold-plated zinc alloy
How to Use: Put the cuffs on wrists or ankles and connect them using the included carabiner. Adjust them to fit, always leaving one to two fingers’ worth of space between the cuff and your skin so as not to cut off circulation. Never leave a person unattended in bondage in case a safety issue arises.

Restrain your sex life with these cheeky Italian leather personalized handcuffs. You get to pick what they say, so buy someone cuffs with their (or your) name on them. Or, take the ultra-romantic route and simply have them say something filthy—up to you. Each letter is 24-karat gold-plated and inlaid with sparkly crystal. While we suggest strapping them on your partner so you can have full control, you might even be inspired to wear them out as jewelry.

Pros: Customizable text; luxurious and durable materials; adjustable; can be used on wrists or ankles; double-ended carabiner included
Cons: Expensive, especially since letters are sold separately; not vegan (of course)

The Best Mildly Kinky Sex Toy for Couples: The Wartenberg Wheel

Materials: Stainless steel
How to Use: Gently roll along the skin wherever you want some prickly sensations. Pairing with a blindfold can enhance the experience.

If you and your partner are interested in making foreplay a little more interesting, or dabbling in some light BDSM, the infamous Wartenberg Wheel is the perfect (and affordable) start. It’s a real medical device—neurologist Robert Wartenberg designed the wheel to test nerve reactions. But naturally, the kink community took it over upon realizing how good it felt on erogenous zones. For those interested in medical play, the lab coat is not included.

Pros: Unique prickly sensation; sterilizable material; an affordable way to experiment with sadomasochism
Cons: Some users might not enjoy the sensation

The Classic-for-a-Reason Sex Toy: Cordless Magic Wand

Materials: ABS plastic and silicone
Battery Life: 3 hours
How to Use: Apply wherever you want some powerful vibration. Turn the toy on with the power button, use the vibration button to cycle through intensity levels, and use the patterns button to cycle through patterns as desired.

Ownership of one of these is basically required for all horny adults. The cordless, rechargeable version of the original wand works just as well, except you can enter the bone zone anywhere. (In the olden days couples used to have to boink next to an outlet.) Use it on your partner’s clitoris during sex, or honestly, just as a back massager. This thing really feels good anywhere.

Pros: Extremely strong vibrations; four intensities and four patterns; can be used while charging
Cons: Not waterproof; can’t be used with silicone-based lubes; gets loud on higher intensities; may be too large or heavy for some users

The Best Sex Toy with a Sense of Humor: Clone-A-Willy


Vibrating Penis Molding Kit

Materials: Silicone
How to Use: Refer to the included instructions–they are far more complex and in-depth than we’re able to get into here.

If the name “Clone-A-Willy” makes you laugh, good! You have a pulse. It’s completely ridiculous and nothing but fun, so if you want to give this as a gag gift, by all means. But it actually does a pretty good job cloning a willy. Think of all the doors (and orifices) that will open. This stuff is supposed to be fun, remember?

Pros: Creates a lifelike copy of any penis; fun process to do together
Cons: Vibrator uses disposable batteries; “cloning” process can be messy and tricky; may not work for very large or very curved penises; material may be too firm for some users

The Best Positioning Aid: Liberator Wedge

Materials: Microfiber/nylon (cover), polyester (lining), and polyurethane foam (core)
How to Use: Position it however you want during sex or masturbation. When finished, zip off the microfiber cover and wash it by hand or by machine.

Dr. Reed recommends this comfy foam wedge for couples who need a little help with positioning during sex, whether that’s due to lowered mobility or weaker knees from aging or injury, or just wanting a different angle or depth of penetration. Tuck it under your bed between sessions for discreet storage.

Pros: Helps in achieving more pleasurable angles; great for people with disabilities, chronic pain, flexibility issues, etc.; machine-washable cover; moisture-resistant liner
Cons: Large and potentially hard to store; expensive for what it is

The Best Panty Vibrator: Lovense Ferri

Materials: Silicone and ABS plastic
Battery Life: About 3 hours
How to Use: Hold down the power button for three seconds to turn the toy on or off. Use the same button to cycle through its settings, or connect it to the Lovense app and control it that way.

Tuck this magnetic panty vibe into your underwear, or have your partner do so, and connect it to Lovense’s app via Bluetooth. Then you can control the vibe with your phone, whether the person wearing it is sitting across the dinner table from you or halfway around the world.

Pros: Magnetic design keeps toy anchored in your underwear; strong and rumbly vibrations; Bluetooth-compatible; can be used long-distance; waterproof
Cons: Magnetic cap is easy to lose (although it does come with one replacement cap); can’t be used with silicone-based lubes

The Best All-in-One Bondage Kit: Sportsheets Under-the-Bed Restraints System


Under-The-Bed Restraints System

Materials: Polypropylene, polyester, nickel-free metal, and ABS plastic
How to Use: Slide the connector strap under your mattress and attach the other straps and cuffs to it at all four corners of the bed, and use the cuffs as desired. If you need to be discreet, you can tuck the cuffs under the mattress between uses.

Experimenting with bondage doesn’t have to be intimidating! This restraints kit attaches to your bed, is easy and quick to set up, and can be tucked away quickly if you have guests coming over. It comes with two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs, so you can put your partner into a variety of different spread-eagle positions for some kinky fun.

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