Now that you know why to buy toys from them, let’s talk about which toys to buy. Here are some of the best sex toy Lovehoney has to offer.

We-Vibe Tango X

Material: Silicone and ABS plastic
Battery Life: Up to 2 hours
How to Use: Position on your clit (or wherever you want it) and turn it on with the “+” button. Adjust vibration speed or change settings with the buttons on the toy.

Why you’ll like it: When you want a vibrator that’s small enough to be unobtrusive during sex, but powerful enough to get the job done, you want the Tango X. Don’t be fooled by this vibrator’s diminutive size—it’s got an uncommonly rumbly motor, with eight intensity levels and seven vibration patterns. “This thing is powerful as hell but also whisper-silent. Super discreet,” one Lovehoney reviewer wrote. “I had so many problems getting off before this, but not anymore! Highly recommend.”

Pros: Strong and rumbly vibrations; 8 different intensity levels; fits easily between bodies; waterproof; quiet; silicone grip for comfort and ease of use; travel lock function
Cons: Hard plastic tip may rattle against genital piercings if you have them; not safe for anal insertion

Lelo Mona 2

Material: Silicone and ABS plastic
Battery Life: 2 hours
How to Use: Apply water-based lube before inserting vaginally. Hold down the “+” button to turn the toy on. Use the “+” and “–” buttons to change the vibration intensity, and the arrow buttons to change the vibration mode.

Why you’ll like it: The intense curve of this luxe vibrator makes it ideal for targeting the G-spot. It’s not just for the G-spot, though—the Mona 2’s vibrations feel lovely on other erogenous zones like the clit, balls, and perineum. It has a variety of settings to try out, and is quiet enough to be discreet in most situations. “My new [favorite] if I need a quick climax!!” raved one Lovehoney reviewer.

Pros: Great shape for G-spot stimulation; can also be used clitorally; strong and rumbly vibrations; 6 vibration settings; waterproof; quiet; travel lock function
Cons: Handle shape means it’s is not as easy to thrust with as some other toys

We-Vibe Nova 2

Material: Silicone
Battery Life: 2 hours
How to Use: Apply water-based lubricant to both arms of the toy. Slip the internal arm inside your vagina, and position the external arm comfortably on your clit. Use the buttons on the toy to turn it on or off, adjust its intensity, or change settings. You can thrust the toy in and out or just hold it still.

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