While Hot Octopuss makes vibrators for clitoral and G-spot stimulation too, it’s best known for its Pulse vibes, which are made to wrap around the penis. These can be used with or without an erection, so they’re potentially transformative for people who struggle with erectile dysfunction. However, even if you’ve got no issues in that department, Hot Octopuss toys have deliciously low-pitched, rumbly vibrations that just about anyone can appreciate.


Best For: Affordable, beginner-friendly toys

Blush has a huge variety of toys in their catalogue: vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, Kegel balls, kink products, strokers, penis pumps, and more. It aims to make body-safe toys at reasonable price points, so if you want a great new toy and are on a budget, check out their lineup—you’re sure to find something that’ll make you, well, blush.

Vixen Creations

Best For: Ultra-realistic dildos

A lot of realistic-looking (read: penis-like) dildos are made of porous, low-quality materials, which is why Vixen Creations is such a breath of fresh air. Founded by a former Good Vibrations employee in 1992, this brand makes small-batch realistic dildos in various skin tones, as well as some fun colors like pink and green. Its “dual-density” dildos feel especially real: a core of firm silicone is wrapped in an outer layer of softer, squishier silicone, giving them an authentically boner-like feel.


Best For: Affordable sex toys you can get at almost any drugstore

While Trojan is best known for its condoms, the brand also make sex toys, which come highly recommended by Dr. Deb Laino, a sex and relationships therapist. “[Trojan toys] are convenient, well-priced, and great quality,” Laino says. They’re ideal for those times when you can’t wait around for a toy you bought online to arrive in the mail. You can always just go to your local drugstore and pick ’em up, usually in the same aisle where you’ll find the condoms and lube.


Divine contoured vibrator

Aslan Leather

Best For: Leather (and vegan leather) harnesses for strap-on sex

If you’ve never tried strap-on sex before, you’re probably better off with a cheaper harness first, to make sure you like it—but once you’re ready to upgrade to the best of the best, consider one by Aslan Leather. The Toronto-based company has been creating handmade harnesses and bondage gear for over three decades, easily becoming one of the top brands in the BDSM category. We’ve found their leather products to be buttery-soft and super adjustable, for a comfortable fit that lets you focus on pleasure and intimacy, not straps that chafe or slip. And yes, they offer vegan (read: faux) leather products as well.

Aslan Leather

Prince Minx strap-on harness


Best For: Ornate, artsy-looking vibrators

“Zalo makes the most gorgeous toys,” Engle says. “A lot of them are done with gold leaf. They’re just really beautiful and look like works of art.” If you want to feel like royalty when you’re getting it on, Zalo’s opulent, gilded toys could be the perfect addition to your nightstand drawer.

Le Wand

Best For: Sleek, luxurious wand vibrators

If you find the aesthetic of the classic Magic Wand vibrators too cold and clinical, you might prefer the fun, feminine look of a Le Wand. “Their wand toys will forever be my hands-down favorite,” Engle says. “They’re a female-owned brand that really understands what their customers are looking for.” The soft silicone heads and bendy necks make them comfy to use, and they’re even splash-proof, so you can wash them in the sink when you’re done. Sure, they’re not exactly discreet, but man, are they fun.

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