Battery Life: This will vary depending on the settings you use, but in general, look for products that offer at least two hours of battery life. In the real world, that should result in 45 minutes to an hour of use at a time.

Finally, why trust us when shopping for massage guns? GQ has been writing about this fitness trend since the Theragun first emerged on the scene in 2016, cataloguing and testing all the successive hits that the company has churned out since then, along with reviewing its competitors from brands like Hyperice in our Fitness Awards. We’ve also considered some of the most budget options to see how they compare to the bigger players in this space. (More on how we cover products, generally, here.)

Without further ado, we’re cataloguing the best massage guns on Amazon that will help you undo your muscle tension and stiffness on demand.

The Best Massage Gun on Amazon for Athletes: Theragun Elite

Therabody (maker of the Theragun) is behind some of the buzziest massage guns out there, which are widely considered by athletes and our staffers to be the best of the best. Having tested Theragun products alongside budget massage guns, we can tell you there’s a very noticeable difference in power and overall quality.

The Theragun Elite isn’t the brand’s most powerful or newest massager, but it’s our top choice for athletes, with the right balance of features for the price tag. Thanks to its deep 16mm amplitude, the Elite model penetrates deep into muscles to provide much-needed relief. This massager also includes five speed settings and as many attachments, so you can customize your massage as needed. We also appreciate the lightweight design, which makes it easier to hold the device in your hand for long periods of time.

The Best Massage Gun on Amazon for Most People: Theragun Prime

At about a hundred dollars less than the Elite, the Theragun Prime is our Goldilocks choice for most people who aren’t training for a competitive sport. Even thick, stubborn knots loosen up when faced with this massage gun, which matches the Elite’s 16mm amplitude. We do wish the Theragun Prime was more lightweight, as it can tire out your hands by the end of the massage. On the plus side, the controls are really simple and easy to adjust mid-massage. The latest Prime model comes with four massage head attachments, which are made from dense foam that’s easy on your skin.

The Best Theragun Alternative on Amazon: Hypervolt 2 Pro


Hypervolt 2 Pro with carrying case

Only a few brands outlasted the massage gun boom, which reached its peak during the pandemic, when everyone was working out at home and feeling extra stressed. And at the premium end of the market, there are only two brands worth talking about. As much as we love Theragun products, we have to give it up to Hyperice, which has won a GQ Fitness Awards for three years in a row (for the Hyperice Venom 2, Hypervolt Go 2, and the Hyperice X).

Though we generally prefer the ergonomic triangle-design of Therabody products that makes them easier to grip, we know some athletes actually prefer Hypervolt’s more traditional design. The Hypervolt 2 Pro boasts an extra-powerful 90W motor, an impressive three-hour battery life, and a lightweight design. Athletes will also appreciate the pressure sensor, which lets you know how much force is being applied. It packs as much power and force as Therabody’s more expensive models, and it’s a worthy contender for the best massage gun in the world.

The Best Mini Massage Gun on Amazon: Theragun Mini 2.0

In the years since Therabody launched its first product, it was only a matter of time before models started becoming smaller and more streamlined. Theragun’s mini massage gun is now on its second iteration, and we still consider this handheld the best option to have in its niche category. The micro-massager is even more compact and lightweight than its predecessor, plus boosted with Bluetooth connectivity if you want to pair it with the Therabody app to track your workout recovery routine. And despite its diminutive, portable size, it still offers an impressive amplitude of 12mm, which matches or exceeds most full-size massage guns from other brands.

The Best Under-$150 Massage Gun on Amazon: Hypervolt Go 2

When testing massage guns for the GQ Fitness Awards in 2022, our testers kept coming back to the mini Hypervolt Go 2. As we noted at the time, even though it’s not the most powerful Hypervolt, the convenience factor can’t be beat. It’s essentially a smaller version of the brand’s popular full-size massager that’s much easier to pack and carry. Here’s the bottom line: This massage gun offers the right mix of portability and power, and the sub-$150 price tag doesn’t hurt, either. We should note that while the Go 2 has an impressive battery life and suitably intense 40W motor, it only comes with two massage attachments, though.

The Best Heated Massage Gun on Amazon: Theragun Pro Plus

Since Theragun first emerged on the scene, the brand has cycled through five generations of products. One of its latest iterations, the Theragun Pro Plus adds a slew of new features to justify the higher price tag. In our original Theragun Pro review, we said this device was absolutely worth the investment, and that’s even more true now that the advanced Pro Plus combines heat therapy and massage into one satisfying post-workout experience. Users can select from three different heat intensity settings to relax sore muscles, but it doesn’t just stop there.

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