That said, if switching to USB-C isn’t helpful and you need to stick with USB-A, our recommendation is basically the same. Anker’s Powerline II products are the industry standard as far as we’re concerned: speedy, Apple MFi-certified, and backed by a lifetime warranty. They only come in white and black, but we don’t think that’s too big of a trade-off for a trustworthy charge.

The Best USB-A to USB-C Cable: Belkin Braided USB Cable


Braided USB-C to USB-A Cable

Only the iPhone 15 currently uses USB-C cables to charge, but comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable…and no wall adaptor. What’s a person to do if they’ve got a bunch of perfectly useful power adaptors, wall warts, and travel chargers with USB-A ports? Buy this cable.

Like Anker, Belkin makes quality gear you can trust. The flexible braided material along the cord adds durability, so it won’t start to peel and crack like an Apple cable will. Also, shout out to the metric system, which results in this cord getting some extra length compared to Anker’s cords, thanks to Belkin’s 1-meter (3.3-foot) and 2-meter (6.6-foot) options.

The Best 90-Degree Angle USB-C Cable: Anker USB-C Right Angle Cable, 2-Pack


90-Degree USB-C to USB-C Cables (2-Pack)

In tight spaces (think cars, airplanes, and power outlets awkwardly placed behind beds), a 90-degree connector port like this can be a godsend. In our opinion, it’s actually an improvement on the original design, as USB cables tend do stick out about an inch or so from the connecting port. While this product lacks Mfi or USB-IF certification, it has a 240W max and fast data transfer speeds.

The Best Stylish iPhone 15 Charging Cable: Native Union USB-C to USB-C

Native Union

USB-C to USB-C Cable, 8 Feet

We love Native Union’s durable and stylish braided cables, available in four high-visibility styles, ranging from a slate green and mustard yellow to the brand’s signature Zebra pattern (pictured above). At eight feet long, there’s no worry about it stretching from sofa to outlet, plus and it comes with a leather strap and snap to keep it organized and tangle-free on the road. The fact that it comes in 100W and 240W versions is a hint that the cable’s designed for laptops, so if you’re only charging an iPhone—or, frankly, anything short of a MacBook Pro—the 100W model will do nicely. And probably earn some jealous looks while you siphon juice at the coworking spot or airport gate, too.

The Best Thunderbolt Cable: Satechi Thunderbolt 4 Cable


USB-C Thunderbolt 4 Cable

Even ignoring the fact that thunder is a sound and lightning is electricity, you’re right to be confused about what makes a Thunderbolt-certified cable special beyond the little Harry Potter tattoo icon. For one, it’s capable of delivering 240 watts of power, the maximum a USB-C cord can support (when paired with a 240W-capable charger and device.) Thunderbolt certification also means that the cable can connect a laptop to an external display as well as transfer data at speeds up to 40 gigabytes per second (this is fast).

Amazon’s version is built to meet the latest Thunderbolt 4 standard (you can read all about it below), which means it can support two 4K monitors at once, or a single 8K monitor. As an iPhone charging cable, it’s complete overkill. But as a do-it-all cable that can simplify your commuting situation, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Most Durable Lightning Cable: Belkin DuraTex Plus USB-A to Lightning Cable


DuraTek Plus USB Lightning Cable

Belkin claims that this cable is 10 times stronger than Apple’s silicone charger cables. That’s both a low bar to clear—Apple’s charging cables have a slightly longer lifespan than ripe bananas—and also a claim we can’t verify. But we can say for certain that Belkin’s strongman cable feels pretty beefy. The nylon “DuraTek” material features a smooth braided construction that gives it a herringbone design. Wisely, the harder-plastic connector on either end extends farther up the cord than on other charging cables, ostensibly protecting the weakest part of the operation. The little leather cord strap is a handy addition, though we’d trade it for a lifetime warranty given the claims.

The Best Extra-Long Cable: Anker USB-C Braided Cable, 10 Feet


USB-C to USB-C Braided Cable, 10 Feet

Plenty of other cords here are available in lengths of eight to 10 feet, but if our main priority is distance-for-dollars, we’d opt for this Anker USB-C cable. The nylon braiding, made from plant-based materials, means longer life and fewer tangles. As a 240-watt cable, it can be used to charge anything Apple makes, from AirPods to MacBook Pros. And the integrated cord keeper makes it easier to stow the charging cable in your bag, or shorten it up a little if it’s too long for your night stand situation.

The Best Apple-Brand Charging Cable: Apple Woven USB-C Cable


Woven USB-C to USB-C Cable

We do all this work testing and reviewing and explaining, but you’re still dead set on buying an Apple-branded charging cable. Fine. At least get Apple’s woven USB-C cable, which shouldn’t turn into a shock hazard as quickly as the regular silicone versions. Though Apple’s cable is slightly more expensive and lacks third-party certification, it at least delivers 240-watt fast charging, so everything from an iPhone to a MacBooks gets back to 100% as speedily as your charger allows.

The Most Versatile Charging Cable: Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable


Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable

This cable from Anker is like a museum exhibit on charging ports in a single cable: it’s USB-A to MicroUSB, with attached adapters for Apple’s Lightning and USB-C. This is the kind of thing you’re likely to see dangling over the back of the passenger seat in an Uber.

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