Also, some kind TikTokers, such as author Katie Pope, have taken one for the team and summarized all the content.

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The marriage between the two had allegedly become rocky shortly after it began (you can get the details in the videos), but Teesa says it all unraveled when she got a new job.

She says she then ran a background check on Legion, which led her to find his family, including his ex-wife, who, Teesa says, all confirmed that everything he had been telling her since they got together was apparently fake (none of his family speaks to him anymore because of his pathological lying ways, she adds). Teesa says she then confronted Legion and kicked him out of her house. He came back to her home in August, and she called the police. She then claims she got his car repossessed and donated his belongings to a shelter.

In her last video Teesa reflected on how she has accepted that Legion never loved her or even liked her. She says she is now dealing with the aftermath of the relationship, including “struggling” with trusting people as she considers dating again.

Following her 50-part series, Teesa has become an internet star, naturally. She now has more than 1 million followers on TikTok.

Wait, how do we know if any of this is true?

This is the internet, and we always take everything we read on social media with a grain of salt (although we love to give people the benefit of the doubt, of course). We aren’t sure if Reesa Teesa is this woman’s real name, and she hasn’t responded to our request for comment, despite us really trying to reach her.

So, Reesa, if you’re reading this, we’d love to talk to you! But yeah, important to note that everything in this series is her story and her allegations.

What does the internet think?

The saga has riveted people online, many of whom say they have watched the entire thing top to bottom.

There also has been a fair amount of analysis of the whole thing, from women speaking out about their own “Legions,” to others pointing out that many women face economic or housing instability if they leave their partners. Teesa has received thousands of comments from people who are sharing their own stories of relationship trauma.

So, why should I care, and why do people care?

The short answer is Reesa Teesa herself.

The TikToker is a master storyteller, and this is ultimately why her videos went viral. She tells her tale with confidence and focus—she comes across as someone anyone can root for. While Legion allegedly sucked her into his web of lies, she says she got herself out through her intelligence and persistence.

Basically, everyone is rooting for Teesa. They are cheering her on as she moves on from this crazy dude, and they are celebrating her freedom, as well as hoping she can heal enough to find love again.

Also, everyone wants her to get a Netflix deal. Hey, it happened to Zola!

Has “Legion” responded to all this?

Look, this is the internet, so of course “sleuths” out there have claimed to track down Legion, posting the details of some guy and his alleged responses. (I will not be sharing any of that here, because again, none of this is verified and I have no interest in getting sued).

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