When asked about the recent wedding rumors on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O Show podcast, Mendes replied, “But who says we weren’t already? I like to keep it all mysterious. I’m a very mysterious woman.” Regarding the tattoo, Mendes says she got it “years ago.”

May 2023: In GQ’s May cover story, Gosling gave a rare glimpse into his family life with Eva, Esmeralda, and Amada, and explained how he prepared for fatherhood (or rather, didn’t).

The actor said that he hadn’t imagined himself as a father until “Eva said she was pregnant.” He added, “I would never want to go back, you know? I’m glad I didn’t have control over my destiny in that way, because it was so much better than I ever had dreamed for myself.”

As for parenting, Gosling says that he and Mendes make a perfect pair. “I just lean on Eva,” he said when asked about parenting advice. “She knows what’s important, always. She just somehow knows. So if ever I’m in my head about it, I just ask her.”

He also spoke romantically about life before and after Eva. “I was looking for her, you know?” When asked if he was “conscious” of his search, he replied, “No. But it all makes sense now.”

July 5, 2023: After Barbie director Greta Gerwig sings Gosling’s praise in an interview with Rolling Stone, Mendes shares Gerwig’s quote in an Instagram post, along with a message of her own.

Speaking of Gosling’s on-screen talent as Ken, Gerwig said, “It’s some combination of Marlon Brando meets Gene Wilder meets John Barrymore meets John Travolta.”

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In the caption of her Instagram, Mendes added, “One of my favorite things the insanely talented & beautiful GRETA GERWIG says in @rollingstone about Mi Hombre, Mi Vida, Mi Amor …RG💗,” she shared.

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