On certain corners of the internet, the highly-specific notion of “Brits abroad” is perennial meme fodder. But by making it the focus of its spring-summer collection, Percival is determined to redeem its home country—and if any brand is up to the task, the celebrity-favorite British label is it.

For those who don’t spend a concerning amount of time on TikTok, the “Brits abroad” meme involves poking fun at UK tourists bringing a particular, ahem, charm to their sunnier European neighbors, typified by bouts of intense sunburn and crowds at all of Malaga’s authentic “Irish” bars. To Percival’s native fans, their home country’s reputation likely comes as little surprise—but the brand’s winking subversion of it presents an unexpected delight.

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For their jam-packed spring-summer drop, the knit polo specialists prove that all manner of holiday merriment can, in fact, look good, via an assortment of house-speciality camp shirts, lightweight jeans, and non-corny matching sets that take all the guesswork out of getting dressed right now.

With no shortage of groovy visual flourishes to ogle, the entire capsule encourages you to forget what you thought you knew—about lads let loose on the sandiest reaches of the European continent, sure, but vacation-ready dressing, too. It encourages you to swap those multi-pack tees for camp-collar shirts, and ditch the glossy bucket hat for a subtle, almost-discreet baseball cap. In other words, it makes a compelling case for doing as the Romans do: holidaying with style.

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Or, in the words of Percival co-founder and head designer Chris Gove: “Trying to picture what best practice looks like when holidaying.” According to Grove, the distinct “go where locals go and wear what locals wear” mentality that informs the collection started in the Aegean Islands, making its way into the assortment via wider fits, lighter fabrics, and recurring Greco-inspired motifs.

The end result is a grab-bag of laissez-faire-but-not-lazy staples that feel elegant, effortless, and eager to make seasonal dressing a breeze. For now, we’d recommend setting the fresh produce, halloumi, and broken crockery to the side and scooping what you can while inventory lasts. Mazel.

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