MSCHF, the headline-grabbing Brooklyn collective best known for its viral Big Red Boots, have just surprise-dropped their latest hype-inducing capsule. The v2.wav Collection is the brand’s cheeky tribute to blokecore, featuring new sneakers, apparel, and accessories all indebted to the world of soccer and English football culture.

The centerpiece of the new collection is MSCHF’s spin on a classic low-top soccer shoe—hint hint—done up in white leather with blue accents. As you might expect from MSCHF, the shoe is anything but conventional: the full-length gum sole follows a wildly exaggerated waveform pattern, similar to the one featured on the brand’s much-discussed “Wavy Baby” sneaker, whose Vans-imitating silhouette resulted in a copyright lawsuit.

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Julian Cousins

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A pair of playful, wave-heavy soccer jerseys are the foundation of the apparel collection—the first time MSCHF has released clothing in conjunction with a new shoe. Available in pink and blue, with both matching shorts and socks to form a complete kit, the jerseys are in keeping with the MSCHF tradition of impish ideas, bright colors, and an anarchic attitude toward to registered trademark that sometimes borders on self-destructive. Case in point: the MSCHF logo flips plastered all over these pieces, which bear a striking resemblance to everything from Mountain Dew to Nintendo.

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Julian Cousins

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Rounding out the capsule is a soccer ball made in collaboration with Umbro. Utilizing the same waveform style as the sole of the sneaker, it has the extremely disorienting look of a ball in motion, with the typical pentagon and hexagon panels blurring into a smear of smooth, distended shapes. It might be a tad bewildering to use in an actual game, but it certainly looks awesome, carrying forward the concept of the shoes and collection as a whole in a singular way.

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