Hot brunette summer is in full swing, and Kaia Gerber is living it. Having gone a deeper shade of brunette in the last few months, the model attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Bikeriders with what can only be described as perfect hair.

Glossy, silky and without an ounce of frizz or flyaway in sight, Kaia Gerber’s chocolate glaze hair cascaded over her shoulders and sat around chest height. Long and swishy, the high-shine look was reminiscent of the liquid hair trend of yesteryear, and was created by hairstylist Bryce Scarlett, who also works with Margot Robbie. You can see the most recent version of Gerber’s impeccable look here.

Kaia Gerber rocks a wavier style on May 26, 2024.


Rich, multi-dimensional chocolate brown is all the rage this year, with celebrity colorist Nicola Clarke referencing the fact that brunettes are getting “a bit braver with their color.”

“In salon, we glaze the hair using a gloss, like Redken’s Shades EQ,” Clarke tells British Vogue. “I like to bring out the deeper reds that can make the hair so shiny and pretty.” If you’re already happy with your color, or want to top up your gloss at home, Redken’s Gloss Hair Treatment can take it to even shinier heights—it’s a must try.

Redken Acidic Color Gloss Activated Glass Gloss Treatment

Gerber’s new color is dark but warm, making it the perfect perennial brunette shade – and, if you’re suitably bronzed, bold of brow and have a dark eye color too, channelling Kaia will be a breeze.

This article was originally published by British Vogue.

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