Monica Lewinsky has held many roles in the public eye over the past 30 years. Now, as Americans prepare for the consequential 2024 presidential election, she’s taking on a new one: face of a fashion campaign.

It’s not just not any fashion campaign. This one’s for a good cause. The writer and activist has partnered with Reformation to launch a new workwear collection—all with the goal of getting voters to the polls.

“A powerful outfit alone isn’t going to create a more perfect union, but putting it on and going to the polls is a damn good place to start,” the brand states in a press release, which, fair.

The campaign is also a collaboration with, which the brand worked with to develop a landing page on its website to make it easy to register to vote. Reformation is also donating all the proceeds from its limited edition “you’ve got the power” sweatshirt to’s efforts.

In images shot by Zoey Grossman, Lewinsky shows off her modeling prowess in workwear staples like a relaxed blazer, a leather trench, and the aptly named “Monica” crossbody bag. And while Lewinsky isn’t your typical campaign model, Reformation’s chief creative officer Lauren Caris Cohan tells Glamour she was exactly who they were looking for to front this effort.

Courtesy of Reformation

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Courtesy of Reformation

“We wanted to do something fresh that evoked an emotional response and helped propel people into motion,” she says. “Once I had the idea of working with Monica she was the only person we could imagine collaborating with. I had seen her TED Talk years ago and kept up with her work and writing—she really lives what it means to embrace your power.”

Cohan adds that the brand is putting its power behind voting initiatives because they recognize how crucial the 2024 election will be for so many reasons.

“People and [the] planet are two of our brand pillars and of course voting has major implications for both,” she says.

The campaign is just the latest step in Lewinsky’s public renaissance of the past few years, and the reclamation of her name and voice following years of public hiding following the Bill Clinton scandal. Now 50. Lewinsky says she feels “an empowered woman uses her voice.”

“Voting is always important, but the stakes are especially high this year with voter frustration and apathy threatening to meaningfully impact turnout,” Lewinsky tells Glamour in a statement. “I’m excited and grateful to be working with Reformation to remind people to register, use their voice and vote.”

Speaking to Elle for the launch, Lewinsky said that saying yes to an opportunity like playing fashion model is what her new decade is all about.

“I was apprehensive about turning 49, because 39 was a really shitty year for me, and I struggled to turn 40,” she said. “I ended up with a real gift: It was a year of acceptance. I was able to accept so much about myself and my life and where I am, and so that meant coming into 50 was great. I’m excited about this new decade and I’m hopeful—which, for someone with a lot of trauma, even saying that feels scary.”

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