Love Is Blind‘s Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell had one of the juiciest storylines on season 6 of the hit Netflix dating show, and after a reunion special that left us with more questions than answers, we’ve been dying to get some closure on the end of this relationship.

Enter Nick Viall, former Bachelor star and host of the The Viall Files podcast, who sat down with Blackwell and Presnell to get to the bottom of what went wrong, what wasn’t shown in the final edit of the show, and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Here’s what we learned from the episode with Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell, which was published on March 19.

Jimmy butt-dialed Chelsea, and got caught in his own lie.

Presnell says that after his and Blackwell’s blowout fight over his relationship with one of his female friends, he was pretty checked out of his relationship with Blackwell. During this time, he told Blackwell that he needed space, and that he wanted to sleep at his own place. After Face-Timing her goodnight and telling her that he was going to bed, Presnell butt-dialed Blackwell. Over the phone, she could hear his friends laughing and discussing which bar they were headed to next. In other words, he wasn’t going to bed, and he’d lied to Blackwell.

So…yeah, maybe Blackwell had a reason to be insecure, especially toward the end of their relationship. When asked if he thought that Blackwell was justified in her insecurities, or if he believed that her insecurity was made out to be more than it was in real life through editing, Presnell said, “I didn’t view Chelsea as an insecure person in our relationship, I still don’t view her as an insecure person.”

Chelsea has apologized to Jimmy’s friend for outing their hookup.

“I’ve apologized to her, I feel so sad that I brought her sex life into the world,” Blackwell said, referring to the moment she brought up Presnell’s sexual history on camera after promising she’d keep it between themselves. To this day, however, she maintains that it wasn’t the fact of Presnell’s close relationship with two women that was the problem, but a matter of respect. “It’s not even the fact that they had a relationship, it’s that I wasn’t getting the respect that I was giving him.”

She continued, “What bothers me is that there were zero boundaries, and there was zero respect…Where do we draw the line? Like you said, we’re trying to get married. If you’re not willing to take a step back, do I say ‘yes’ to you? Do I say ‘no’ to you? Are we going to be in couple’s therapy with her?”

Regarding her own ex, whom she called after she and Presnell got engaged following the pods, and whom Presnell has brought up frequently whenever his own co-ed friendships are brought up, Blackwell admitted, “I have a friendship with my ex-boyfriend so there’s no—I wasn’t trying to be a hypocrite. I respect Jimmy. I FaceTimed [my ex] when I got engaged because I was so excited for him to meet Jimmy. We have a good friendship. He’s married and has a baby…I’m not calling him, I’m not texting him.”

Jimmy took Chelsea to a baseball game date on the day that should have been their wedding.

Presnell and Blackwell dated for four days after filming wrapped. As Blackwell explained, “He just said that the cameras were too much, the pressure was too much.”

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