Pointing out “obvious key differences” between their table and a Judd original, Clements wrote in a statement that they were “blindsided” by the filing and sought a resolution with the foundation. However, the company says that the foundation “was unwilling to settle on reasonable terms.”

The Judd Foundation reportedly contacted Kardashian three days after the YouTube video was posted and a spokesperson for the businesswoman responded with an apology for “any inconvenience” and offered to “update the video caption with a retraction.”

The response was unsatisfactory for the foundation, which asked that the video be removed altogether and the furniture be “recycled.” Kim’s team came back with another offer, this time to promote the foundation in a social media post. Despite the attempts of Kardashian’s team, the Judd Foundation seems to want no association with her brand.

“It is lower quality than Donald Judd’s furniture,” Megan Bannigan, a lawyer for the foundation, told the NYT. “We don’t want to be mixed up with Kim Kardashian. We respect what she does, but we don’t want to be involved with this.”

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