Summer is fast approaching—and the internet’s latest debate is whether or not one man is wearing the season’s hottest look.

The video shows a man wearing a light blue and white striped Ralph Lauren polo, blue jeans, and light blue New Balances. He’s at Whataburger when he’s stopped and filmed, presumably for his outfit.

“I ain’t fresh?” he asks, as a defeated expression comes across his face. “You not fresh, no,” someone off camera responds. “Sometimes, you just gotta take your L, bro,” the person adds.

It seems like the people recording him were just messing with him though. In a follow-up video, the woman holding the phone says, “Nah, I’m recording ‘cause you fresh, bro.” He then proceeds to flirt with the woman and offers to buy her food. He also tells her, “You clean, though,” to which she says, “Every time.”

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