‘Tis the season in which we the planets can influence us (or we can blame our problems and obstacles on the planets, at least). Another Mercury retrograde is upon us.

To make sure you’re fully prepared to get through this latest chapter (which will be here until April 25), and its subsequent returns, we’ve collected all the dates for you here, and we’ll explain not only what it means for your zodiac sign, but also how you can get through it unscathed, according to an astrologist.

When is Mercury retrograde in 2024?

  • April 1 to April 25, 2024
  • August 5 to August 28, 2024
  • November 25 to December 15, 2024

What happens during a Mercury retrograde?

To be clear: The planet Mercury does not actually move backward in its orbit. From Earth, you can see an optical illusion that makes it look as if the small planet is actually moving backward. As it is the fastest planet in our solar system—and is also particularly close to Earth—this phenomenon occurs about three to four times a year, which we call Mercury retrograde.

Your Mercury retrograde survival kit

“During Mercury retrograde, the planet moves in slower motion than Earth, leading to a moment of reflection and contemplation,” says astrologist and author Lisa Stardust. “This particular retrograde falls in the fiery sign Aries, between two eclipses; the Lunar eclipse occurred on March 25th, and the Great American Total Solar Eclipse will occur on April 8th. As a result, we might feel confused about how to move forward and what path to take. It’s a time to be still with our thoughts and align with our hearts’ passions, rather than making decisions. However, Mercury retrograde affects travel, communication, and technology, and can bring back old flames and friends into our lives, leading to some stress.” To find calm in the chaos of Mercury retrograde, these products may be helpful.

TheMaeQueen Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread

“This tarot deck is specifically designed for mercury retrograde and can provide valuable insights on a deeper level. It could be an enjoyable way to gain a new perspective on various matters,” says Stardust.

Apotheke x Sanctuary Retrograde Candle

“This candle is exceptional as it not only aids in keeping people centered and calm during Mercury retrograde, but it also has a long-lasting burn time, alleviating the stress of having to replace it frequently, ” says Stardust. “Additionally, it has a decompressing effect, making it an ideal candle to light during a dinner party. Its pleasant fragrance and ability to set the mood make it perfect for any evening occasion.”

Sage and Salt Room Spray Mercury Retrograde RX Mist

Jo Malone Lavender & Moonflower Pillow Mist

“This room spray is designed to promote a peaceful and restful environment,” says Stardust. “You can use it on sheets, clothes, or in a room to change the vibe. ” It also has invigorating, restorative, and refreshing properties that rejuvenate both the mind and the heart. We also love this Jo Malone pillow mist with top notes of calming lavender and moonflower.

Ariana Ost Selenite Crystal – Set Of 2

“Many people tend to overlook the fact that mercury retrograde can impact travel plans too,” says Stardust. However, you can counteract any lingering negative energy in your car during this period. “You can hang a crystal on your car mirror. This will not only help you travel safely during the retrograde but also aid in overcoming any frustration or aggravation caused by delays.”

Rifle Paper Co. Marguerite Stitched Notebook Set

Feeling frustrated? A journal can help. “Think of it as a mercury retrograde burn book, where you can express all your feelings without taking them out on others,” Stardust explains.

Lemon Verbena Organic Herbal Tea

“The right herbs can help ease tension this Mercury RX. Lemon Verbena is an organic shrub with a refreshing scent of lemon and it can be used to make tea, all you need is a little water. This makes it great for soothing the throat and mind,” says Stardust. “As lemon is one of the essences of Mercury, it can be beneficial to use during retrograde periods.”

Trust Your Timing: How to Use Your Astrological Birth Chart to Navigate Your Love Life and Find Your Authentic Self

“This book is exceptional in its ability to help readers comprehend the impact of transits on their lives,” says Stardust. “It emphasizes that Mercury retrograde is just a temporary phase and advises against letting it cause undue concern. The book encourages readers to move forward with their lives, learning lessons during retrograde that will be beneficial in the long run.”

DSS Games My Ex [A Deck of Conversation Starters]

Got a text from your ex? You’re not alone. “During Mercury retrograde, some of our exes tend to reappear in our lives,” says Stardust. “Here’s a fun game you can play with your friends to decide whether you want to reconnect with them or not.”

IROO Mini Karaoke Machine

“To balance the throat chakra during the retrograde, use a karaoke machine and sing your heart out,” says Stardust. “By doing so, you can release any negative emotions, misunderstandings, or doubts you might have projected onto others Singing along to your favorite songs can also help clear the throat Chakra and bring in positive energy.”

Therabody Theragun Relief

“During Mercury’s backspin, having a massage gun can be very useful to release the stress that we tend to hold in our muscles,” Stardust explains.

Zelier Migraine-Relief Cap

“With Mercury retrograde occurring in the sign of Aries, which rules the head, it’s possible to experience an increase in tension and headaches,” Stardust says. “In order to alleviate these symptoms, there are several remedies that may be helpful, including this migraine relief cap.”

Bearaby Organic Cotton Weighted Knit Blanket

“Using a weighted blanket during Mercury’s moonwalk is always a great idea as it can help alleviate anxiety and promote better sleep quality,” says Stardust.

The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos

To gain a deeper understanding of astrological transits and their impact on your life, you can also check out Stardust’s astrology deck which provides a comprehensive guide to interpreting your birth chart and understanding transits like Mercury retrograde.

What Mercury retrograde 2024 means for your zodiac sign

Mercury is the planet that stands for communication and technology in astrology. So when Mercury turns retrograde, these areas are most often affected by problems, mishaps, or misunderstandings. Time and again, things happen that you either have no control over at first glance or have not assessed correctly. It also depends on which zodiac sign the planet is currently in—that’s why we’ve broken it down for you here and explained the meaning for your zodiac sign.

Mercury retrograde from April 1 to April 25, 2024, in Aries

When Mercury retrograde moves through the impulsive fire sign Aries, you need to be prepared to see your frustration level exhausted. The impetuous Aries always wants to move forward but feels thwarted by the retrograde energy of the minor planet. During this time you should definitely watch what you say and even more so how you say it.

The slightest difference in your tone can lead to a big misunderstanding or even an argument. Try to keep the impulsive power of Aries down a bit and maybe think once or twice about your impulse.

Mercury retrograde from August 5 to August 28, 2024, in Virgo and Leo

When Mercury retrograde moves through the constellation of Virgo, something usually goes wrong at work. Methods and routines that have always worked simply won’t work. During this time, be sure to double-check your finished work before you hand it in.

Mercury retrograde from November 25 to December 15, 2024, in Sagittarius

The adventurous zodiac sign Sagittarius is slowed down quite a bit by a retrograde Mercury. It’s best not to travel during this time, as things can go really wrong along the way. Lost luggage or broken-down trains are not uncommon.

During this time you should take everything with a good dose of humor and composure, because you can’t change many things anyway. Focus on your surroundings and your home and you’ll get through the Mercury retrograde just fine.

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