Congrats! You’ve (probably) just invested in some roomy trousers, meaning you’re right on trend and ready to turn a look. But if you’re wondering how to style wide-leg pants, you’re not alone—once you’re actually ready to wear them, it can be tough to get started. (Trust us, we’ve been there.) The magic of wide bottoms is that they look great on any body type, meaning these styling tips are more or less universal.

Whether you’re working with wide-leg jeans or oversized leather pants, there are a few key silhouettes that play well with any occasion and mood. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you have to accentuate your waist when you wear wide pants—while we’ll never argue with a snatched look, you can feel free to go a little more relaxed with your top, too. Ready to get dressed? Let’s hop right into it. Here’s how to style wide-leg pants with the pieces you probably already own, no matter where you’re headed.

Wide-Leg Pants + Cardigan

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As long as it’s not the height of summer, this layered, unfussy look might just be our favorite way to style wide-leg pants. Trade out your straight-leg denim for something a little roomier, then throw a cropped cardigan on whatever T-shirt or tank top you happen to be wearing. (It’s also a great idea to break things up just a bit with a wide belt.) Best of all, it’ll all come together in a minute flat.

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Wide-Leg Pants + Cropped Jacket

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