Golf’s meteoric rise in popularity since late 2019 has given way to a massive

influx of new brands, ideas, and opportunities in the fastest growing sport in America. One of those opportunities sat on the laps of athletic apparel brands. Already equipped with a slew of performance-driven gear, these brands were uniquely positioned to pivot toward golf. And few have managed that pivot as well as Lululemon, prolific maker of pants.

But athleisure-y bottoms are only a portion of what Lululemon has to offer the modern golfer. Of late, the brand has been playing with material and silhouettes, breaking outside of the box of athleisure. Now you can get course-ready knitwear, hats, and even polos at Lulu.

Pants, of course, are also among the best bets you can place at Lulu in regard to on-course wear. Specifically, the brand recently released a relaxed-fit, pull-on, elastic-waisted Utilitech pant that truly challenges our scruples about saying something works well on and off the course. The skin-tight, calf-vein baring stretch joggers of yesteryear have given way to wider silhouettes, higher rises, and sturdier fabric. If there’s ever been a time to shop Lululemon, especially for on-course wear, it’s right now.

And because the paralysis of choice is real with a massive inventory like Lulu’s, we put together 10 pieces to get you started here—our favorites from across category including the aforementioned Utilitech beauties that this author has been wearing at least twice a week since they arrived.

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