Last night, GQ celebrated its second annual Global Creativity Awards in New York. The party was centered around the theme “Big Ideas for a Better World,” spotlighting the uncategorizable polymath talents who make our lives more interesting, sleeker, funnier, and cooler. An accomplishment of that caliber deserves a prize to match, so we partnered with the legendary Czech glass company Moser to create this year’s trophies.

The recipients of this year’s GQ’s Global Creativity Awards—including our latest cover stars Lewis Hamilton, Hunter Schafer, Danny McBride, and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross—walked away with what is surely now the most stylish hardware in their trophy cases. Together, GQ and Moser developed an award based on the idea of a sword. The shape of the prize evokes the tip of the blade, with a groove at the center, before coming to a sharp point at the top. The motif of the sword represents power and elegance—a fitting comparison for how our award winners wield their own creativity. Moser and GQ traded sketches that resulted in these sword-shaped trophies in semi-translucent amber and lavender.

Moser was an ideal partner for the Global Creativity Awards trophy. Ludwig Moser started his business in 1857 to pursue the simple idea of pushing the artform of glassmaking forward as far as possible. Even today, Moser’s designers are informed by artists who share their sketches with the brand. Once GQ’s own mockup was finalized, the trophies went through an intensive process of melting the glass down at 2,732 degrees Fahrenheit, mixing it with gemstones for color, glassblowing, and intricate engraving.

In 2024, there is nothing more powerful than a person’s creativity. Our award winners are proof that good ideas can make the world a better place, whether they’re inspiring our everyday lives or affecting long-term change. And our GQ Global Creativity Awards trophies represent our recipients’ highly sharpened creative might.

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