Over the course of his legendary career, Lewis Hamilton has helped steer F1 into a much cooler, hypier place. That’s partly been through his record-setting wins behind the wheel—but also because he’s one of the waviest dressers on the planet. While Formula One style used to only be about leather moto jackets and matching pants, these days, the race track looks more and more like a runway. Again, thank Lewis Hamilton.

Ahead of this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit, Hamilton arrived on the grounds in a fleecy brown jacket from fashion’s eternal dark lord Rick Owens. Crafted from a virgin wool and cashmere blend, it’s cozy but elevated. Down below, he sported even more Rick: flowy, oversized trousers and a pair of Mega Bumper Geobasket sneakers. The seven-time world champion then finished off the fit with an IWC Big Pilot’s Watch, which was made in collaboration with Mercedes.

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Rick Owens has been one of Hamilton’s fave designers for some time now—and he’s now made what may be the greatest trousers to ever land in the pit. During last year’s Formula One season, the luxe label dressed Hamilton up in everything from apocalypse-ready fits (they put Pedro Pascal’s The Last of Us flannels to shame) to tie-dye jumpsuits. Owens even made a disco-ready boiler suit just for Hamilton. They work together a lot. And they work well together.

“Everyone in general has started to be more and more open-minded and now no one comments on what I wear,” Hamilton told British GQ in a 2023 interview. “It’s just like, ‘That’s what Lewis does.’ But at the beginning, jeez, people definitely criticized. [Formula One] was an environment where you couldn’t really be yourself. Now you’re starting to see people really blossom, which is really cool.”

Sure, Lewis Hamilton’s gearing up for Ferrari next year. Things are going to change. But the trousers? They can stay.

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title ‘Lewis Hamilton’s sick trousers are the most watched thing at the F1 Grand Prix’

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