And if a material they want doesn’t exist? They find a way to make it themselves. It’s this commitment to making a better running garment that sets Satisfy apart from brands that are going for ~vibes~ only. Slip into one pair of their shorts and you’ll see how much time and effort went into them. Read on for a breakdown of the brand’s best products and what you should be copping expeditiously.

Satisfy Running Shorts

Running shorts are Satisfy’s bread and butter. Packed with technology and as light as air, once you’ve rocked a pair, you’ll never want to wear another brand again. Their shorts cover a huge range of lengths, materials and purposes. Lined with the brand’s own custom Justice material, each pair of shorts is silky soft and leaves you wondering if you even remembered to put on shorts at all. They’re supportive but don’t compress sensitive areas and utilize activity-specific pocketing to ensure you avoid distraction and are free to chase your running bliss. A double waistband keeps the adjustment strings and custom Satisfy keyring secure and away from the skin, while a sweat-proof phone pocket and numerous nutrition pockets keep your other essentials nearby. Whether you like your shorts longer or shorter, you’ll find a pair that suits your needs: you can choose from 8-inch inseams, 5-inch inseams, 3-inch inseams or even 2.5-inch inseams for hot days when your legs need to really breathe.

Satisfy Running Tops

Satisfy’s running tees offer up just as much versatility as their wide range of shorts. Do you like running in cotton? There’s a tee for that. Prefer merino wool? Like a stretchy techy fiber? Satisfy has a tee for any runner in any situation. You may recognize their signature cotton MothTech tees, which look like they’ve been devastated by their namesake bug, but actually feature dozens of body-mapped “moth” holes to provide a unique ventilation system throughout the garment. The real star of the show, though, is the brand’s CloudMerino collection. Insanely light and ideal for temperature regulation in any conditions. One of our editors wore his through rain and shine during the 2023 Boston Marathon. When we asked the brand’s founder and lead designer, Brice Partouche, what his favorite material was to run in, he said, “Definitely our CloudMerino, which is made from the world’s thinnest merino wool. We developed this program in Japan and continue to produce it there. It’s the ultimate piece of gear for all seasons as the wool’s porous fibers lift sweat away from your skin so you never feel clammy on a run and dries quickly in wet conditions since the creases of the wool trap your body’s heat.”

Satisfy Running Cold-Weather Gear

Satisfy knows that harsh, hot conditions are a staple in the running spaces they occupy — primarily when it comes to ultra trail running. However, they also know that running is a year-round sport and sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate. Some of the most technical, innovative gear the brand makes is their running outerwear and base layers. When we asked Brice what his favorite Satisfy gear is right now, he went straight to their latest release, the SilverShell Modular Thermal Vest, which looks like it could outfit an astronaut. “It’s a modular PrimaLoft powered insulation system designed to simplify temperature regulation depending on the conditions and your surroundings,” Brice says. “It’s a testament to how we like to design product at Satisfy that pushes the boundaries of what a performance product can do and look like.” Beyond their space-age vest, you’ll find wind- and waterproof apparel that keeps you protected from the elements, super cozy GhostFleece sweatshirts and the brand’s CoffeeThermal gear, which uses the natural insulation of coffee-charcoal infused fibers to keep the cold at bay.


CloudMerino Waffle Base Layer


SilverShell Modular Thermal Vest

Satisfy Running Accessories

While shorts, shirts and outerwear are the staples you need to get out and run in any conditions, it’s never a bad idea to accessorize. Luckily, Satisfy has you covered in this department, as well. They make two hydration packs: one vest and one belt, both of which excel in high heat and keep you trucking through the longest runs. There are a number of hats to choose from, ranging from ear-flap fleece caps for winter to über-lightweight trail caps that only weight 20 grams. To finish off a Satisfy ‘fit, pick up a bandana, merino wool socks or CoffeeThermal gloves—all of which are made to last.


Justice Cordura Hydration Vest


Justice CoffeeThermal Gloves

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