Luka Doncic, a.k.a. the “Pravi MVP,” has a brand-new signature sneaker from Jordan Brand on the way—and it’s another slam dunk. The Luka 3, the third entry in Doncic’s standout performance shoe line, is arriving in July. The timing could hardly be better: the Mavericks superstar just wrapped a stellar regular season campaign that has only accelerated since the All-Star break, putting Dallas in playoff contention against the struggling Los Angeles Clippers. If ever there was a time to celebrate one of the greatest players in the league, it’s right now.

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Jordan Luka 3 “Midnight Racer”

The Luka 3 represents a major advance over the previous versions of the Luka sneaker. Inspired by Doncic’s affection for automobiles, the silhouette draws from high-performance car design in both its build and aesthetic. That includes a proprietary upper construction based on the look of burning rubber, an outsole with a herringbone tire tread and tire vent-sprue design, and webbing meant to look like a seatbelt. It’s also, on the whole, created to “hone in on his orchestrated speed,” according to the brand, focusing on acceleration and deceleration where the previous models focused on step backs and isolation.

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Jordan Luka 3 “Midnight Racer”

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