Knowing how to tie a scarf is not considered an art—but maybe it should be. There are just so many ways to knot scarves around your neck, head, wrist, waist, handbag…wherever your creativity leads you. And the effect is immediate because, as always, a successful look depends on the details.

A scarf, be it a patterned silk scarf or a narrow shawl, can add a classic touch to your outfit at any time of year. Here, we’ve broken down seven different scarf-tying techniques and how fashion pros use this trendy accessory.

But first, which scarves are currently on trend?

Scarves have become increasingly popular in recent seasons, and some trends have emerged. Patterned silk scarves with graphic prints, for example, are an absolute must-have right now. Fashion insiders have been snapping up designs like those from Toteme for a minimalist look or decorative, eye-catching prints à la Hermès and Etro.

Triangle scarves and paisley bandanas are also on trend for more casual looks. And with the current tendency toward the fashion trends of the early ’00s, there are also many thin, narrow scarves that can easily be worn around the neck, as a hairband, or as a belt.

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How to tie a scarf: 7 ideas

Now that you’re ready to elevate your look with a scarf, let us present seven ways to integrate one into your outfit…

1. The simple knot

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The easiest and quickest way to tie a scarf stylishly around your neck is with a simple knot. Place the scarf around your neck, let the ends hang down evenly, and tie them together in a knot. This works for both small scarves and larger square scarves.

2. Two variations on tying a triangular scarf

How can you tie a triangular scarf? There are two options. (Tip: If you don’t have a triangle scarf, you can always convert a square scarf by folding it diagonally.)

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