Clips from Trump’s appearance at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia last weekend, where he first unveiled his new sneaker line, are shown in the ad. The gold Never Surrender shoe, the first batch of which was limited to 1,000 units, was made available for preorder last Saturday and sold out that afternoon.

In a statement about the anti-Trump sneaker spot, the DNC leaned into zingers about the former president’s shoes.

“Donald Trump wants to be a dictator on day one, and we’re already seeing him walk his tacky bootleg sneakers all over the American people,” said DNC spokesperson Alex Floyd. “Trump is summoning his MAGA base to CPAC to double down on his losing agenda of banning abortion nationwide, abandoning our allies, and threatening Americans’ health care coverage. Trump is hiding in his MAGA bubble today, but the shoe will be on the other foot in November when the American people soundly reject his extreme and unpopular agenda.”

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