Earlier this month, Bianca was seen in a clear raincoat in Los Angeles on the way to a Playboi Carti studio session with Ye. Her outfits have landed the couple in trouble before, specifically in Italy last year when they were banned from a noted boat travel company in Venice after she wore a very revealing outfit and he exposed his butt to passersby while riding on one of their boats.

The outrageous fashion choices have prompted some to question whether Ye is dictating what Bianca can wear. Or, in this case, what little she does, especially after Ye proclaimed that there would be “no pants” in 2024.

Last month, a TMZ reporter approached Ye and asked him directly if his wife has “free will” because “some people say you’re controlling her.” He grabbed the reporter’s phone out of her hand, and said, “Don’t come asking me that dumb ass shit, I’m a person.”

Censori’s latest “look” comes as her husband and his collaborator Ty Dolla Sign face a lawsuit from Donna Summer’s estate over an “unauthorized interpolation” of her song “I Feel Love.”

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