Today’s hype-fueled fashion landscape yields a mountain of fresh menswear every month. Which is why every issue of GQ now includes The Drops, a guide to the best of the best new gear as it hits stores. To help you make the most of all the gorgeous weather ahead, we’ve gathered up a slew of impeccable spring staples—from a mighty leather trench to punkish tartan trousers.


“I didn’t have a father. I didn’t have a big brother. I didn’t have a big cousin. So, as a kid, since [I was] 10 or 11, Pharrell is who I looked at,” Tyler, the Creator once said. Now, the musician-slash-designer’s idol has granted him his biggest platform in the fashion world yet: a collaborative capsule for Louis Vuitton, where Pharrell currently reigns as the men’s creative director. The expansive collection—which runs the gamut from flowy raincoats and cable-knit cardigans to a grip of It bags emblazoned with a hand-drawn spin on the house’s monogram—seamlessly melds Tyler’s preppy, pastel-happy aesthetic with the new vision of luxury Pharrell is building at Vuitton. Like every Pharrell LV drop thus far, it’s elegant yet hype-inducing, offbeat yet endlessly wearable. Sometimes, it really does pay to meet your heroes ($270–$68,000, from Louis Vuitton spring 2024 men’s capsule by Tyler, the Creator).

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Photograph by Bowen Fernie; Prop Styling by Suzy Zietzmann.


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