“Seeing Uzi holding the bag on stage reminded us of the time they came into the store and the fun memories we shared when they came to Japan,” a representative for Casanova tells Complex. “Uzi san bought a lot of things from our store. Truth be told, we don’t quite remember all the things we sold him. One item he purchased from us was a very historic and iconic Louis Vuitton Sybilla bag commemorating the LV monogram’s 100th anniversary.” 

This particular LV bag was by Spanish designer Sybilla. It’s most interesting feature is a built-in umbrella that allows for hands-free use. 

Not everyone was as fond of Uzi’s viral moment on stage. 50 Cent took to Instagram to give his brief thoughts on Uzi’s look, which also featured a red leather crop top with puffy shoulders, red nails, and ruffled white socks. “Something is in the water 😧what make you do that bro?” 50 Cent wrote on his Instagram. But don’t expect the naysayers to deter Uzi from these types of fashion choices. They’ve been making waves for this type of stuff their whole career

Casanova isn’t just a go-to source for Uzi, plenty of celebrities have paid a visit to the shop over the years from Pharrell to Kim Kardashian. So if you are ever in Japan looking for some luxury goods, you know Casanova is the real deal.

Considering Uzi’s shopping habits, don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last time we see them toting something they scooped up from Casanova. Now, we just wish we could get a look at his entire bag collection.

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