Sometimes I think my little ones get more excited about Mother’s Day than I do. Picking out Mother’s Day gifts from kids is fun because they’re so proud of what they can dig up. My own kids are barely elementary school-aged, so right now my Mother’s Day gifts consist of a lot of Mother’s Day crafts and homemade gifts: a photo keychain or little painted flower pots. But as kids get older, they can have fun browsing for more elevated Mother’s Day gift ideas that are both thoughtful and affordable. And, hey, if mom’s lucky, maybe another caregiver will help pad the piggy bank so the kids can afford a little bit more.

Whether kids go the DIY gift route or get a little help purchasing something, some great gift ideas from kids include personalized trinkets like photo books or framed artwork and little indulgences that tap mom’s interests. Think a coffee mug dedicated to her, cozy slippers, or a scented candle. (Pro tip: Drop these smaller presents in a gift basket.)

To help you find the unicorns out there—the budget-friendly, but actually totally awesome—Mother’s Day gifts from daughters and sons, we tapped real parents (including this mom of four!) to see what unique gifts they’ve received from their own families.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids, at a glance

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