Are the best low-rise jeans officially back? It doesn’t really matter when the trend cycle travels at warp speed. Like other divisive denim—think skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans—low-rise silhouettes are the subject of never-ending discourse, including among Glamour editors. The jury’s still out. One thing’s for sure, though: Every time a celebrity wears them, everyone wonders if maybe, just maybe, they’re onto something. (It happens quite a lot, most recently with Julia Fox, Gisele Bündchen, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber.)

But fear not! You only need to participate in low-rise if you like how it looks on you. (Otherwise, let us point you to our favorite high-waist jeans.) If you’re willing to give the style a shot, either for the very first time or for the first time since 2007, you’ll be rewarded—low-slung jeans have come a long way since their heyday. From straight-leg styles that expose just a hint of midriff to bootcut denim straight out of your Y2K fantasies, these are the best low-rise jeans to wear right now.

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