So, you’re performing one of the year’s biggest hits in front of some of the world’s most talented actors and actresses. No pressure. But what shades are you gonna wear? Well, Ryan Gosling chose the Kate by Saint Laurent. With a dramatic cat-eye design, they’re inspired by the eponymous label’s very famous Kate handbag.

Saint Laurent

Kate Sunglasses

Timothée Chalamet

Image may contain Timothe Chalamet Clothing Pants Person Teen Accessories Glasses Jewelry Necklace and Standing

Samir Hussein

Speaking of cat-eye sunglasses, Timothée Chalamet’s also a big fan of this similar frame. But rather than going for a European fashion house like everyone else, he’s opted for South Korea’s Gentle Monster instead. They’re crafted from glossy black acetate, and what makes them even better is that they’re not quite as expensive as the big labels.

Gentle Monster

Loti Sunglasses

Tyler, the Creator

Image may contain Tyler The Creator Adult Person Clothing Footwear Shoe Accessories Glasses Hat Jewelry and Ring

Paul R. Giunta

When you’re the owner of your own very successful fashion brand, why wouldn’t you wear your own stuff? Tyler, the Creator’s got loads and loads of sunglasses, but he always goes back to the Bel-Air from Golf Le Fleur. It’s a lot more understated compared to some of his other accessories (especially from his Louis Vuitton collab), but that makes ’em a lot more wearable, too.

Golf Le Fleur

Bel-Air Sunglasses

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title ‘A normal guy’s rundown of the insanely good sunglasses worn by insanely famous men’.

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