Following Vaseline’s 2022 launch of, a pioneering platform designed to bridge this gap and enable Black and Brown communities to search conditions on skins of color and connect with physicians who understand their skincare needs, Vaseline took a significant step.

“Many times, you see brands and companies doing DEI work, but they don’t employ or use the voices that reflect and come from the neighborhoods and communities being served. Vaseline did that,” noted Welteroth.

The Mended Murals initiative was conceived to illustrate that without proper care or resources, murals that were once vibrant reflections of culture and people in communities can fade over time. Through partnerships with local artists, Vaseline is aiding in the restoration of these murals and providing funds to support local health clinics where murals are restored. “This is an organic integration into communities, aimed at uplifting them and reinvesting resources back into them,” noted Welteroth.

“My job is more than just to paint something beautiful on the wall. Those images have a direct impact on the collective psyche and consciousness of many of the people who see them. It can literally impact people’s lived experiences,” shared Shaw. With the addition of QR codes on the murals, the artwork comes to life, enabling the community to access resources that would otherwise be unavailable to them, and providing invaluable connections for those working in the field.

But Vaseline doesn’t stop there— the brand is taking it a step further by making a $250,000 donation to free and charitable clinics in the areas where murals are restored. Harnessing the power of technology and the QR codes on these murals to ensure that these resources effectively contribute to early detection in the community.

“We’ve been building our foundation quietly, as we do,” shared Yizar. “The big question was how do we make sure that the scientists who sit left and right to me, working on mixes for us, look like the communities that we’re serving.” Much of this vision came to fruition in Vaseline’s recent launch – Radiant X. A product line crafted specifically for us, by us.

Often, when brands enter our communities, the impact is superficial. However, in this case, it was about much more than creating or restoring beautiful images. It was about using those images as a catalyst to reinvest resources back into the community.

Discover the clinics Vaseline has supported in communities where murals have been restored, and submit your neighborhood mural for the chance to be restored by the original artist. For every mural restored, Vaseline will provide funds to help support a local health clinic providing accessible care in your city, addressing the skin health needs of the community.

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