Great Deal Alert: For a limited time, new subscribers to the GQ Box also get the Rains Hilo weekend bag—plus a whole bunch of editor-approved goods—for just $59 $39 with code SAVEMORE.

Frequent flyers, we’ve got a pressing question: When you’re on the go, do you swear by a duffel or a suitcase? While you’re deliberating, allow us to complicate the matter further. What if we told you that the correct answer is actually neither—and right this very second the carry-all you really need is cheaper than it ever will be?

We’re talking, of course, about the Rains Hilo weekend bag, a waterproof absolute unit of a carrier that also happens to be the hero product of the latest GQ Box. We’ve tested this bad boy ourselves, exposing it to the worst of the elements (and the worst of the gym locker room), so when we say it’ll go a long way in alleviating your travel-related anxieties, we mean it.

In our circles, Rains is famous for its elements-trouncing outerwear. The Hilo is crafted from the same matte polyurethane the Scandi brand uses to make its jackets, so when you get caught in a sudden downpour—or a TSA agent “accidentally” dumps your bag in the ocean—it’ll keep your goods fly and dry. Pocket-phobic travelers will appreciate that the Hilo features just a single roomy opening, saving you the headache of rifling through dozens of small compartments to find that boarding pass; overpackers will appreciate the compression zippers that prevent it from bursting at the seams.

Here’s the real kicker, though: Under normal circumstances, the Hilo will cost you $110—but if you subscribe to the GQ Box we’ll send you one, plus an assortment of editor-vetted cold-weather goods, for a mere $59. Better yet, first-time subscribers can use the code SAVEMORE to nab the winter box for twenty bucks less. (That’s like scoring a 65% discount on your new favorite weekender, along with a whole bunch of bonus products…for free.) When you consider the fact that this edition of the box boasts over $300 worth of value, the savings become downright criminal, like we’re sliding you a ludicrously capacious bag en route to a bank heist.

Subscribe to the GQ Box now to secure your own, and be quick about it—as always, inventory is moving fast.

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