Life is full of blessings, but before we praise the usual suspects (friends, family, good cheese), we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the Huckberry sale. And before you wankers tell us that the retailer always has a sale section, don’t even—this time is different. This is the Huckberry winter sale, where the greatest cold-weather gear the e-comm powerhouse stocks is up to 45% off. Everything from plush flannel shirts, burly boots, and top-tier outerwear is on offer, all at stupefying discounts.

The Huckberry Sale Hit List

To quote Avidan Grossman, GQ’s Commerce Editor: “Yo, I’m honestly shocked how much good stuff is in here.” Don’t believe us? Allow us to rattle off a few of the brands you can expect to see: Barbour, Filson, Kleman, Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Wythe—and that’s just the tip of the menswear iceberg! Hell, even Flint and Tinder’s famed waxed trucker jacket is available at one of the lowest prices we’ve seen in a minute. There are hundreds of pieces in the mix, but consider this a complete rundown of the highlights. Have fun!

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