No town parties quite like Vegas. But with football’s biggest game landing in Sin City for the first time, this year the party factor has been turned up, oh, two or three dozen notches. And GQ Sports was in town to get in on the fun. Co-hosted by GQ global editorial director Will Welch and first-ballot NFL style king Stefon Diggs, along with chef Mario Carbone, and presented by FARFETCH, the party got started Friday night. Seemingly half the NFL—and definitely the best-dressed half, including Odell Beckham Jr., freshly minted Rookie of the Year C.J. Stroud, DeAndre Hopkins, and more—filled Nomad Library Restaurant at Park MGM, where Zack Bia DJed late into the night. And when Travis Scott grabbed the mic and started creative directing the dance floor, everyone else joined in. (What, you’re gonna tell Travis Scott you don’t want to dance?) The brightest stars in Vegas sipped drinks from 1800 Tequila, while Carbone provided his signature spicy rigatoni. The game on Sunday is shaping up to be one of the most memorable in recent football history—but for plenty of Vegas visitors, the real highlight of the weekend came on Friday night, which went until security yanked the plug from the wall. Keep scrolling for an exclusive look inside.

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